The WTH Bits

Heather "Snoozepossum" Hamilton (usually just "Snooze") was found under a large rock back in the late 60's, and no one ever bothered to put her back. She's a mouthy, opinionated eclectic psychopomp-ish hedgewitch with leanings toward the mellow stylings of OBOD-ish Druidry and some helpings of ecosustainability, archaeology and anthropology on the side. Her long term goals include becoming a muppet, buying Terry Pratchett a beer, and writing a book titled "Quit Bein' An Asshole!". General forecast is for scattered afternoon rocks and fossils with gusts of gardening and wood and fiber crafts, and a 98% chance of critters.


  1. Hey snooze!!! So glad I saw you today and you had the opportunity to see Bridgette again. See you at PPD!!! Send me an email then. :)


    1. Was great to hang with you guys! I told the fox he's in Time Out for a couple days and no, he can NOT have his own FB page ;0)