Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Shoulda Wooda Coulda Class October 2017

Here we go again! The fall woodworking class is back at our shop again, hopefully this time without any weather getting any ideas about acting up (knocks OSB board). Class fee is $30 per person, and that includes everything except drinks and munchies. If you're an adult participating with a minor, it's $45 for both of you.

The 411 that'll get you through relatively unscathed:

  • Dress smart: wear clothes that can get messed up, no open toe shoes, if you have long hair pull it back out of the way of things that are on fire or spin real fast.
  • There's a fridge, a microwave, and toaster oven available for lunch.
  • If you want to bring your own material or want extras like stones to inset gimme a call beforehand.
  • Some of your project options: staff/walking stick/cane, wand, ogham or rune set, broom, display rack/stand, altar decor - tag me if you have another cool idea.
  • Participants under the age of 17 MUST have a responsible parent or guardian participating with them. Nobody under 12 in the shop.
  • We're going to cover a lot in the first hour of the class, including signing off that you understand and agree to follow the shop safety rules. If you're going to be late because of car trouble, traffic, or other stuff that can't be helped, CALL ME. If you don't already have my cell number, tag me and ask for it. Snooze does not do PST or "Oopsies!". Snooze also does not do Facebook messaging on her phone. CALL ME. If you can't Adult enough to do this, you can't Adult enough for me to trust you with power tools that can send you to the ER.
Can't wait to see what you guys make - see ya in October ;0)

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Rumble Indians - We Will Rock You

So stoked that this project is out, even if it doesn't appear to be showing anywhere in NC/SC yet. If it doesn't get picked up by any local theaters, weeeeeellll, I reckon we'll just have to get the DVD and add it to the FWOMP movie night list, neh?

(Broken Record Alert) Along with all the rest of the reasons it's Made Of Win and about time, it illustrates another reason why Identity Politics and Purity Tests, the majority of cultural appropriation outrage rants, and hereditary guilting just don't wash with me. The Melting Pot is gumbo, not gruel, people.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Nevertheless, She Persisted

Relevant in soooooo many ways right now . . . .

With nods to Rep. Judy Chu (CA-27) for the tweet I tweaked. I wanted the night pic for the image of the statue being a beacon in the dark. Because reasons, reasons, reasons.

Did any of the portion of my ancestors that came here from Ireland, Scotland, and England end their journeys by being greeted by a female colossus, looking out over the ships coming in and holding high a torch like a lighthouse, guiding people to a safe harbor? Like other refugees from the injustice, corruption, and catastrophes that drove various European immigrations, did they hope this 300 foot goddess borrowed from Rome was proof that the ideals of liberty and freedom, and the promise that "things are different in America", were real?

It's pretty likely that at least one did, and a good possibility for another. She may not have been the first welcoming sight the others saw but the hope she represented was still there. Even for the ones who came here as "criminals", there was the notion that here was a place where hard work would count for more than family lineage, ethnic heritage, inheritances, and moldy grudges and prejudices. Ever since Europe found out the New World was a thing, people very much like them have been coming here for the same reasons.

Humans can, of course, still be bigoted, petty, shallow, small minded rat bastards no matter where you go. A lot of those immigrants didn't include my other ancestors, or other immigrants, in that dream at all. The more important point was that the whole ideal was seen as worth trying for at all by enough people who didn't see Rat Bastardy as a solid major life goal. That there were people that wanted there to be somewhere where "things are different".

I'm not willing to hand that over to a bunch of spoiled brat thugs who are packaging Exceptionalism, Manifest Destiny, Nationalism, and Fascism dressed up as Populism as patriotic virtues, and normalizing bigoted spin. Especially not the little rat bastards that have instructed me that "you lost, get over it" applies on more than one level and that my failure to dance to their tune should preclude my citizenship. Lady Liberty and I are both immigrants in one way or another, and I'm in better company being unwelcome with The Mother of Exiles than being welcomed by poor specimens like them.