Monday, July 24, 2017

New Runes Sets & Neolithic Knives From Portable Weirdness

Got new goodies! I'll have them at Morgantown Pagan Pride Day this upcoming Sunday, July 30th for your perusal and nommification ;0)

Yeah, I know they're oriented wrong. Yeah, I did look on 37.4 forums to see what I was fubaring up. Yeah, I tried 6.72 of the solutions. I can choose to keep screwing around with it or I can go make more cool shit. Guess which one Imma do ;0)


Portable Weirdness At Morgantown Pagan Pride Day

Portable Weirdness will be at Morgantown Pagan Pride Day in West Virginia Sunday, July 30, with new bling, the usual suspects, and The Dead Guys. Miles Batty will be stapled to a convenient table for questions, book signing, and really, really bad puns.



Ginger Ackley, Mama Gina, Burning Sage are cranking up some of their high quality tuneage for your auditory enjoyment . . . .


. . . and Appalachian Peace Paws Rescue will be there with the new furry kid you didn't know you were missing.

Will be doing the Working With Land Wights class with some new peeps added to the crew. The class is part of an ongoing UPG info gathering project, and if even you've taken the class before, I'd love to have you pop back in and do some observations with a different anchor than whoever you picked last time. All data collected is anonymous unless you say otherwise.

See ya there!