Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Philando Castile: One More Justice Fail

I wanna do a credibly informed, cited post on the clusterfuck of social problems tied up in the fact that not only did Philando Castile get murdered for complying with an "officer"'s orders, but a POS jury acquitted the bully cop. But I'm just stuck on "fuck you bastards".

Imma just leave it at "fuck you bastards that don't deserve to wear badges."

"Fuck you bastards that decided this was justice".

"Fuck you bastards that have been tossing off bullshit like how he or any other victim of police escalation asked for what they got".

"Fuck you bastards that have been making fun of Diamond Reynolds and his family for being angry and upset".

"Extra fuck you bastards to hell for visiting any and all this scumbaggery on a four year old kid".

"Fuck the NRA bastards for being the cheap sorry bitches they are".

That pfftt sound is me spitting on the lot of you. Fuck you for being one of the reasons I'm frequently embarrassed to admit I live here.

Fuck the fact that I can't tell Diamond Reynolds or her daughter or Philando's family, or anyone else who's buried a loved one after shit like this, a damn thing that will help any of that. I wish them all peace and safety. I wish all of us peace and safety. And fuck you bastards that have a problem with me even saying that.

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