Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Charlotte March For Truth

It actually was more of a rally than a march due to permit timing, but I think last Saturday's gathering served it's purpose. It was meant to call attention to voters who are tired of the ongoing mudslide of "alternative facts" coming from Lord Commander Marmalade and his excuse for an administration. People who want some documentable facts to emerge in Russian involvement and influence in the election and the current who's who in the White House, business conflicts of interest for the same, obstructions of justice in the investigation into the same, and all the other shady mess also attached to the same.

 That's a lot of same. I'm hoping Comey's testimony tomorrow washes some of the obscuring sludge away, but I do have to be a little bit skeptical of how much he or anyone else are going to finally be willing to say, given tRump's habit of acting like a spoiled playground bully and how many Russian operatives seem to have come up dead in the last little while.

On one hand, if anything bad happens to Comey right now, or anything else seems to impede the ongoing investigations, it's going to make tRump and his clowns look even worse.

On the other, they don't really seem to care about that, and neither do the more rabid portions of The Base. And quite a few of them are waaaaaay too proud of how belligerent they can get about their right to wave guns around and do some loud chest beating for me.

Wasn't able to get pics of all the really great signs, but props to everybody who, as I've seen over and over again this year, put their creative muscle and heart where their opinions are.

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