Thursday, May 25, 2017

Portable Weirdness - 2017 Summer Parks & Rec Classes

Schedule and details for the Concord Parks & Rec 2017 summer classes are up! I'm doing these through June, July, and August:

Shoulda Wooda Coulda - Beginner wood working; simple projects that give you a feel for working with wood and various tools with only minimal personal injury or property damage

Just Bling it - Beginner personal accessory making; choose a necklace, earring(s), bracelet, keychain, hair tie, car mirror hanger, etc. and cruise into being an artsy little bugger with the greatest of ease

Anyone Can Sculpey - Sculpey clay is excellent for both hard core crafty types and people that think they can't do anything creative; even if you screw it up, you just tell people it's non-objective and yer good to go. I'm willing to bet a six pack I can send you home with something you don't have to do that with  ;0)

Urban Gardening - No space? No problem! We're going to build stuff that will let you grow herbs and veggies even in a space so small you have to step out of it to change your mind

Registration is required, since all materials, tools, and safety gear are provided and the city does need signatures on paperwork in case someone does something dumb that I'm going to have to yell at them for. Holler if you have any questions that aren't covered on the P & R website. See ya this summer  ;0)

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