Thursday, May 18, 2017

More Activist Than Thou

(Puts preachy ass hat on, hoses off soapbox)

Or you can go with Shakespeare's “Striving to better, oft we mar what’s well”.

I can't make up my mind if the people I see downgrading damn near every effort at activism, change, or constructive cooperation are just throwing excuses to get out of actually doing anything except being keyboard jockeys or so tied up in SJW Purity Signalling they can't move a finger except to give it to someone they don't approve of.

Nothing is ever going to be good enough for you if you demand that all elements and variables of an effort meet a set of inviolate expectations. If nothing else, any arena you're trying to solve problems in is going to involve somebody besides you and needs other than yours. Declaring that everybody else is a sell out or a fake or a traitor just because they have some priorities or peripheral issues that don't match yours seamlessly just means you have no team. If you have no team, you have no game. You're only spiting yourself.

And if you're one of the dopeasses that are 110% certain that a dog is better off being euthanized than being adopted by someone currently without a sufficiently sized fenced-in yard, or a kid is better off in a foster home than being adopted by someone whose beliefs or lifestyle you don't agree with (within reason here), or that you should repudiate a local protest march against institutional bigotry because only two of the six original organizers represent minorities you recognize as legitimate, you're also spiting everyone else who might benefit from any forward movement at all.

Any sane living creature who's dehydrating to death isn't going to turn down a cup of water because it's not big enough, or not spring water, or not in a BPA safe bottle. They're going to drink it so they can try to stay alive long enough to get more.

There's a crapton of metaphorical social and civil dehydration going on all over the world, and there's going to be more. Instead of dumping the water out because it's not good enough for you, ask the other people who need it if it's good enough for them.

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