Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Beltaine In The Forest 2017

 Portable Weirdness will be back at Charleston WV's Beltaine In The Forest this Saturday, May 6th, with the Usual Suspects and still more new schwag for you to peruse and oogle.

Miles will be there with books and hooves and extraordinarily bad puns, and I'm also teaching the Working With Land Wights class.

If you've done the class before, I'm still collecting data and we have some new additions to the family, so the more observational input** I can get the better, and it's much appreciated. If you haven't and are saying "what the hell is she babbling about?", give the class overview a look over. Then come out and have some fun talking to a buncha Dead Guys. There may be homework, there will be cookies ;0)

See ya there!
**that would be relevant observations - "you're a batshit fruitcake" doesn't count  ;0)

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