Monday, April 17, 2017

Tax March, Or Calling Bullshit On Lord Commander Marmalade Some More

Grateful to everyone who participated in all the Tax Marches all over while my happy ass had to miss going to any. Since I didn't get to commit acts of excellent signage, I'm going to appreciate y'alls'.

Keep it up; being America does not exempt us from being able to go the way of Turkey or Russia. I am not willing to slide quietly into Fascism merely because of trendy ignorance and fashionable apathy.

 By the way, Lord Commander Marmalade, we protestors are the ones paying us to protest. We pay for our gas to get there, the signs we make, shoes we can walk in for hours, and everything else that goes with it. So all you gotta do to "look into who's paying them" is go to a protest, you'll be looking right at us. Bring a hardhat and a rain poncho. Or maybe you'd be safer showing up in a burqa. Either way, you don't have to worry about a visit to the ER wrecking your life like so many of us do, so you should be fine with it.

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