Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Cards Against Humanity For Humanity

CAH is already beyond cool for so many reasons, like using their expansion packs for scholarships and other fundraisers, making the game available to download and print yourself as a money saver option, and trolling the hell out of heinous jerks like Ammon Bundy & His Cast Of Idiots. But they have another point of cool that you may not get to see unless you buy something off the main site.

After you submit your shipping address, this happens:

Then this happens:

Rock on, you fabulous freaks  ;0)

More WIN from the Science Marches

I adore you people. Nerd Pride FTW (salutes)

Monday, April 17, 2017

Tax March, Or Calling Bullshit On Lord Commander Marmalade Some More

Grateful to everyone who participated in all the Tax Marches all over while my happy ass had to miss going to any. Since I didn't get to commit acts of excellent signage, I'm going to appreciate y'alls'.

Keep it up; being America does not exempt us from being able to go the way of Turkey or Russia. I am not willing to slide quietly into Fascism merely because of trendy ignorance and fashionable apathy.

 By the way, Lord Commander Marmalade, we protestors are the ones paying us to protest. We pay for our gas to get there, the signs we make, shoes we can walk in for hours, and everything else that goes with it. So all you gotta do to "look into who's paying them" is go to a protest, you'll be looking right at us. Bring a hardhat and a rain poncho. Or maybe you'd be safer showing up in a burqa. Either way, you don't have to worry about a visit to the ER wrecking your life like so many of us do, so you should be fine with it.

Religion Zodiac & Trollbusting

Trollbusting, yer doin' it rite ;0)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hippie Fest 2017

Portable Weirdness and the usual suspects plus some new bling and other goodies will be at Hippie Fest 2017 in Charlotte, NC, April 22nd!

Bring yourself (and any instruments you play) out to the new location and soak up some great music and performers, fabulous art and crafts, and laid back atmosphere.

Admission is free; parking is $5 cash, which is a great deal because it fixes the really messy parking and traffic problems of last year.

There's stuff for kids to do, and you can try your own hand at being crafty at the DIY Tie Dye tent.
See ya there ;0)

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Badger Skillz, Or Do Have A Cow, Man

 . . . freakin' overachievers . . . ;0)

From the article that explains why this is extra cool on more than one level: The video shows the badger working day and night for five days. Then, it built a den connected to the carcass and did not surface often. University of Utah researcher Evan Buechley: "So it worked overtime for five days like really, really intensely, and then it just had a two-week feeding fest."