Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Save Levi's Innards!

If you know Levi Davis of O'Davis Trade from Festival Of Legends, CNC PPD, the Knights of Fiat Lux, Carolina Renaissance Festival, or anywhere else, you'll wanna get in on this GoFundMe. If you don't, hop over to the links to his wood craft and blacksmithing work on the fundraiser page and fix that ;0)

This kid is family, and we've watched him fight an uphill battle the last few years against mounting health issues that exacerbate each other and make it harder to get a good bead on dealing with them, and get thrown under the bus by people that should be better than that. We had to threaten to cover his truck with pink glitter bombs to get him to agree to ask for help anyway. If you don't have a good health insurance situation, or sometimes even if you do, you know that getting help for anything  complicated can be a crapshoot. That sucks, and we like to fix things that suck. Any little bit is good; it all adds up. Thou rockest in advance (salutes)

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