Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Meme A Day-ish, or History Nerd Pride: Donaeld The Unready

Gawds, I LOVE you people . . . (bows with forehead to floor)

Save Levi's Innards!

If you know Levi Davis of O'Davis Trade from Festival Of Legends, CNC PPD, the Knights of Fiat Lux, Carolina Renaissance Festival, or anywhere else, you'll wanna get in on this GoFundMe. If you don't, hop over to the links to his wood craft and blacksmithing work on the fundraiser page and fix that ;0)

This kid is family, and we've watched him fight an uphill battle the last few years against mounting health issues that exacerbate each other and make it harder to get a good bead on dealing with them, and get thrown under the bus by people that should be better than that. We had to threaten to cover his truck with pink glitter bombs to get him to agree to ask for help anyway. If you don't have a good health insurance situation, or sometimes even if you do, you know that getting help for anything  complicated can be a crapshoot. That sucks, and we like to fix things that suck. Any little bit is good; it all adds up. Thou rockest in advance (salutes)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy Imbolc 2017

Growing things don't stay buried forever. Hail Brigid, may we forge well (salutes)

Patheos Lookin' Kinda Steeplejacked

Holy batshit, Batman. Got a WTFness email from Pat Mosley, blogger of Common Tansy at Patheos and a personal blog You Found Me. Pat's been collecting interviews from the January 21st Womens' March on Washington and it's sister marches for a panorama view of experiences and opinions.

Miles and I both submitted answers to his questionnaire; I like Pat's wanting to put a face on the crowds we saw step up to speak against the US's current POTUS and his Swamp Builders. He's got the first two of them up on Common Tansy, but apparently the rest won't be on Patheos. And neither will Pat.

This linked blog post and John Halstead of Allergic Pagan's post explain why. Thanx muchly to Gods & Radicals for giving him signal boost, since Patheos has deleted the original and locked Halstead out of his blog.

The short version: Patheos done got steeplejacked. Good luck finding that term in any dictionary other than Urban Dictionary, but it's been around a good while. Pretty much since far right, ultra conservative people and groups started systematically hijacking more liberal mainstream Christian churches back in the 80's and shoving them into Aggrovangelical Fundie social and political agendas. I've seen it happen in my relative's churches and seen versions of it crop up in the PHA community; I frequently recommend Kenneth Haugk's book Antagonists In The Church because of exactly that. There was a good Pagan version of it online that I can't locate it any more, but Haugk's is entirely adaptable.

Unfortunately, Patheos isn't just a spiritual entity governed by an accepted leader or some version of democratic process, it's a business with owners. And the new ones are going to take it in a fairly nasty direction, just like brick and mortar steeplejackers have been doing all along.

This sucks extra on top of the past week and a half. So here's a badger playing in a kiddy pool, because reasons  ;0)