Monday, January 16, 2017

Women's March On Washington Not Just For Women Or Washington

On Saturday January 21st, those of us in the Charlotte NC area that wish we could be at the Women's March on Washington DC but can't will be at the local version of the march.

Why are we marching? Because on January 20th, we're going to see a culmination and a sort of validation of social trends toward bigotry, bullying, scapegoating, and revisionism in the inauguration of tRump.

The people he's putting in power along with him and the people who follow them regardless of what they do (or worse, because of what they do) need to be reminded that the rest of us aren't going to give up and shut up. We're not going to sit quietly with out hands in our laps and let that crowd make the cultural shift they're driving the national new normal. And the people who are feeling seriously under threat right now need to know that they aren't just walking targets for their misplaced fear and anger.

If you're in the Concord/Kannapolis general area and want a ride, let me know. You can call or text me if you have the number, or email me here, or tag me via Miles' FB page. I'll work out times to meet/pick up when I have an idea of how many peeps are going.

It's called the Women's march because it started as a grass roots protest against tRump's treatment of women and the ongoing NeoCon effort to roll back gains in women's right to be counted as people. But equality for so many groups is under threat from the incoming administration and the people that are supporting it; we need to make it an all for one, one for all thing. Come be counted with us, not just as a supporter of women's rights, but as a supporter of common humanity.

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