Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tilikum, Not Just Black & White

Sedna, Arnakuagsak, Mother of the Sea, receive your son Tilikum with honor, and please let his next life be much, much happier. (wish goes out)

We'll probably never know with certainty what he meant by some of his behavior. Many animals I've worked with have no real awareness of how big or strong they are compared to a human, and frankly, I have days when I feel like banging people's heads on the wall myself. So I can't judge someone I can't even talk to.

We do know that the way orcas in captivity are kept, even those whose lives have depended on human intervention and rescue measures and who have led us to greater ability to help, has to be reevaluated and changed. Tilikum has been a huge catalyst for that to happen.

May orcas and humans both profit in knowledge and action by that, and make any portion of his life that was troubling for him not be in vain.

I have no right or place to speak for Dawn Brancheau, but I'm willing to venture that she wouldn't have a problem with me wishing for them both that spirit to spirit, the obstacles of language and speech won't matter any more. If either of you can make us wiser about those that have no words we can hear clearly yet, send it on down the line. Fair journeying to all of you.

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