Friday, January 20, 2017

Can't March? Virtual March!

THIS is what real unity looks like. Making it possible for people who can't quite go for Plan A to still be counted.

Just had surgery for knee replacement? Juggling chronic pain? Can't get off from work? Live really far away from any of the events? If you want to go to the Women's March on Washington or one of the local versions of it, but health, mobility, or other snafus are in the way, you can add your voice to the chorus of people who want to remind the incoming "administration" (or whatever the hell you wanna call the shitshow we're getting) that the people tRump and many of his followers have told to sit down and shut up aren't going away. Hit the link for the Virtual March and you can include yourself and make a statement on why the march is important to you.

Yeah, I know, the incoming admin doesn't give a damn. We're not going to change their minds with marches or protests. It doesn't matter. What matters is making it harder for them to say "everyone supports us and likes us, there's only a handful who don't". And letting the people they're trying to put in second class citizen boxes (or leave them with no box at all)know that they aren't alone. And letting the rest of the world know that no, all of the US does NOT support the bullying, bigotry, and rising swamp water they're seeing take power.

See ya there, one way or another ;0)

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