Sunday, August 6, 2017

Rumble Indians - We Will Rock You

So stoked that this project is out, even if it doesn't appear to be showing anywhere in NC/SC yet. If it doesn't get picked up by any local theaters, weeeeeellll, I reckon we'll just have to get the DVD and add it to the FWOMP movie night list, neh?

(Broken Record Alert) Along with all the rest of the reasons it's Made Of Win and about time, it illustrates another reason why Identity Politics and Purity Tests, the majority of cultural appropriation outrage rants, and hereditary guilting just don't wash with me. The Melting Pot is gumbo, not gruel, people.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Nevertheless, She Persisted

Relevant in soooooo many ways right now . . . .

With nods to Rep. Judy Chu (CA-27) for the tweet I tweaked. I wanted the night pic for the image of the statue being a beacon in the dark. Because reasons, reasons, reasons.

Did any of the portion of my ancestors that came here from Ireland, Scotland, and England end their journeys by being greeted by a female colossus, looking out over the ships coming in and holding high a torch like a lighthouse, guiding people to a safe harbor? Like other refugees from the injustice, corruption, and catastrophes that drove various European immigrations, did they hope this 300 foot goddess borrowed from Rome was proof that the ideals of liberty and freedom, and the promise that "things are different in America", were real?

It's pretty likely that at least one did, and a good possibility for another. She may not have been the first welcoming sight the others saw but the hope she represented was still there. Even for the ones who came here as "criminals", there was the notion that here was a place where hard work would count for more than family lineage, ethnic heritage, inheritances, and moldy grudges and prejudices. Ever since Europe found out the New World was a thing, people very much like them have been coming here for the same reasons.

Humans can, of course, still be bigoted, petty, shallow, small minded rat bastards no matter where you go. A lot of those immigrants didn't include my other ancestors, or other immigrants, in that dream at all. The more important point was that the whole ideal was seen as worth trying for at all by enough people who didn't see Rat Bastardy as a solid major life goal. That there were people that wanted there to be somewhere where "things are different".

I'm not willing to hand that over to a bunch of spoiled brat thugs who are packaging Exceptionalism, Manifest Destiny, Nationalism, and Fascism dressed up as Populism as patriotic virtues, and normalizing bigoted spin. Especially not the little rat bastards that have instructed me that "you lost, get over it" applies on more than one level and that my failure to dance to their tune should preclude my citizenship. Lady Liberty and I are both immigrants in one way or another, and I'm in better company being unwelcome with The Mother of Exiles than being welcomed by poor specimens like them.

Monday, July 24, 2017

New Runes Sets & Neolithic Knives From Portable Weirdness

Got new goodies! I'll have them at Morgantown Pagan Pride Day this upcoming Sunday, July 30th for your perusal and nommification ;0)

Yeah, I know they're oriented wrong. Yeah, I did look on 37.4 forums to see what I was fubaring up. Yeah, I tried 6.72 of the solutions. I can choose to keep screwing around with it or I can go make more cool shit. Guess which one Imma do ;0)


Portable Weirdness At Morgantown Pagan Pride Day

Portable Weirdness will be at Morgantown Pagan Pride Day in West Virginia Sunday, July 30, with new bling, the usual suspects, and The Dead Guys. Miles Batty will be stapled to a convenient table for questions, book signing, and really, really bad puns.



Ginger Ackley, Mama Gina, Burning Sage are cranking up some of their high quality tuneage for your auditory enjoyment . . . .


. . . and Appalachian Peace Paws Rescue will be there with the new furry kid you didn't know you were missing.

Will be doing the Working With Land Wights class with some new peeps added to the crew. The class is part of an ongoing UPG info gathering project, and if even you've taken the class before, I'd love to have you pop back in and do some observations with a different anchor than whoever you picked last time. All data collected is anonymous unless you say otherwise.

See ya there!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Philando Castile: One More Justice Fail

I wanna do a credibly informed, cited post on the clusterfuck of social problems tied up in the fact that not only did Philando Castile get murdered for complying with an "officer"'s orders, but a POS jury acquitted the bully cop. But I'm just stuck on "fuck you bastards".

Imma just leave it at "fuck you bastards that don't deserve to wear badges."

"Fuck you bastards that decided this was justice".

"Fuck you bastards that have been tossing off bullshit like how he or any other victim of police escalation asked for what they got".

"Fuck you bastards that have been making fun of Diamond Reynolds and his family for being angry and upset".

"Extra fuck you bastards to hell for visiting any and all this scumbaggery on a four year old kid".

"Fuck the NRA bastards for being the cheap sorry bitches they are".

That pfftt sound is me spitting on the lot of you. Fuck you for being one of the reasons I'm frequently embarrassed to admit I live here.

Fuck the fact that I can't tell Diamond Reynolds or her daughter or Philando's family, or anyone else who's buried a loved one after shit like this, a damn thing that will help any of that. I wish them all peace and safety. I wish all of us peace and safety. And fuck you bastards that have a problem with me even saying that.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Salisbury Pride - We The Peopleing With Panache

Portable Weirdness will be at Salisbury Pride this Saturday, June 24th. Get your face to the place! It's free to the public to soak up some music, dance, fashion statements that are good for the soul, community info, human rights info, and some excellent opportunities to support your local artists and crafters and score some quality loot in one swell foop.

You know what else happens when you show up at GLBT Pride events? A kid that may be getting told "you're an embarrassment" or "you're a pervert" or "God hates you" at school or at home, with or without getting slapped around along

with it, sees that they aren't alone. Someone who got fired from their job or run out of their place to live or denied service at a business sees that other people give a crap what happens to them. Government officials see the numbers of people who want equality for everyone.

You don't even have to accept GLBT lifestyles to do all that. All you have to do is say "I'm not content to have some of my fellow human beings treated like garbage, even if I don't agree with them". We all bleed red, people.

And maybe, just maybe, the more people say that, the fewer times we'll have to know that GLBT people bleed the same color as all other Homo sapiens.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Cretaceous Amber Time Capsule

Fabulous Enantiornithes fossil in amber found in Myanmar, with loads of detail to learn from. Seriously jealous here.

Of all your species and era, you're one of the handful that we get to meet in person, Birdlet. Tell us stories, and live forever  ;0)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Muslims Speaking Up

Next time someone whinges that "the Muslim community needs to speak up against terrorists", plunk their butts down with some popcorn and this:

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Charlotte March For Truth

It actually was more of a rally than a march due to permit timing, but I think last Saturday's gathering served it's purpose. It was meant to call attention to voters who are tired of the ongoing mudslide of "alternative facts" coming from Lord Commander Marmalade and his excuse for an administration. People who want some documentable facts to emerge in Russian involvement and influence in the election and the current who's who in the White House, business conflicts of interest for the same, obstructions of justice in the investigation into the same, and all the other shady mess also attached to the same.

 That's a lot of same. I'm hoping Comey's testimony tomorrow washes some of the obscuring sludge away, but I do have to be a little bit skeptical of how much he or anyone else are going to finally be willing to say, given tRump's habit of acting like a spoiled playground bully and how many Russian operatives seem to have come up dead in the last little while.

On one hand, if anything bad happens to Comey right now, or anything else seems to impede the ongoing investigations, it's going to make tRump and his clowns look even worse.

On the other, they don't really seem to care about that, and neither do the more rabid portions of The Base. And quite a few of them are waaaaaay too proud of how belligerent they can get about their right to wave guns around and do some loud chest beating for me.

Wasn't able to get pics of all the really great signs, but props to everybody who, as I've seen over and over again this year, put their creative muscle and heart where their opinions are.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Got Axolotl?

On today's installment of Things That Don't Suck, we bring you Water Dog On A Mission ;0)

Anti-Vaxx Bigot

Person comments to me "offering a workshop on Critical Thinking is just sad ego pandering, saying you should get to tell someone else how to think".

I disagree. I think it's self-preservation. These flaming batshit motherfuckers can drive, breed, and vote. And my way is for the most part kinder AND cheaper than just launching them all into the sun.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

First Annual Gathering Of The Bards

New event! Calling all Bards, Storytellers, Singers, Musicians, Blowhards, Wordsmiths, and other free range creative peeps!

Elder Grove Publishing is hosting their first Gathering Of The Bards contest in Greenville, SC, and they're also looking for crafty, arty, whatevery people to show off their creative efforts in a market faire at the event.

Musical Guest of Honor is Mama Gina - if that doesn't make you squee, click on that link and see what you're missing. But you don't have to be a seasoned professional bardic badass to compete or to just show up and soak up all the creative coolness. See ya there  ;0)