Thursday, December 8, 2016

Standing With Standing Rock & Shiyé Bidziil

Anybody acquainted with this fruitcake asshat, or recognize the other two blowtoad cowards and their license plates that went after Standing Rock drone pilot and documentor Shiyé Bidziil?

So they're going to fuck and/or fuck up the NO DAPL protestors and their wives (and one presumes husbands they support fuck up equality - gee, that can go two ways, can't it?), and they have a problem with people whose shelters were wrecked by the recent blizzard holing up elsewhere. Sounds to me like they were all plenty fucked up themselves way before they decided to try to play bullyboys. In the head, anyway. Or they're just interested parties that are butthurt that ETP got documented refusing to abide by the federal directive to stop, or called foul on for waiting to report Native American burial finds they dug up, or that the army corps denied ETP the permit to finish pending an assessment. Same thing, really, if you're going to pull trashy crap like this.

Here's hoping law enforcement also steps up here. Santa Claus is watching, dontchakno. And so is the rest of the world, even if a lot of the US doesn't seem to be.

Serious salutes to the 1587 archaeologists, museum personnel, and educators that signed that petition to the White House, right along with the UN officials and veterans that have stepped in - may your willingness to stand up for Native history and rights come back to reward you tenfold (wish goes out). I'll take any good bits we can grab before January 20th throws all bets off.

If you want to stand with them but can't haul it up to Oceti Sakowin, you can still help by speaking to public officials and donating to help with supplies for the in-your-face Dakota winter weather. Ways to do that are on the Standing Rock website. May all our Ancestors bless you if you do (wish goes out).

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