Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dodge The Bullet: Contact Electors Before Dec 19th

If you're one of the multitude of people along with me that's been watching the post election snowball gain avalanche status at a rate of several WTAFs per hour, you're gonna want to hit these two links. The first one covers the fact that no, the Electoral College's job ain't over and done yet.

Bit from the article about electors that are sitting uneasy on the three ring circus of tRump, his cronyist, oligarchic "fill the swamp" cabinet picks, and the puppetmaster thug currently threatening the Balkans from his nice comfy presidential office in Russia.

The second one covers the fact that your job ain't over yet either:

It's a way to voice concerns about the escalation of tRump's bullyboy behavior and disregard for anything other than his own ego we're seeing more and more of. Or concerns about the message that continued validation of his actions and attitude sends to tRump himself, to the rest of the world, and to his followers here in the US that have assumed they have a blank check to victimize anyone they don't like now. Or both. Or any other aspect of the clusterfuck that is this person in a position of government backed power.

It's easy and fast to use. (cue Snooze's broken record) Qui tacet consentire videtur; "silence is tacit consent", guys. The electors that are voicing doubts about what they're preparing to do need to hear that the public backs them, and so do the ones that aren't. Stop the snowball before it gets any bigger.


  1. What I sent:


    Do I think they'll all care? No, I don't really expect more than a few of them to even look at any of them. The point for me is that I didn't sit nicely and quietly and let myself be another drop in the ocean for tRump & Co. to point at and say "see, none of them are objecting to anything, they agree with us!"

    I did get one auto-response back from Alex Kim of Texas Congressional District 24 assuring me that "If you emailed me regarding Russian influence in the elections, I am open to any information that is not rumor or hearsay. So far, there is no hard, objective evidence of such." That's fairly contrary to what the CIA and FBI have been saying, but the premise that anyone who comes up with anything Trump's devotees don't like is just a butthurt lying left wing tool seems to be the reigning one, so I guess that's where Kim sits.

    The rest assumes that the writer is not a Texas voter and that anyone else is out of line to contact Kim, and states flatly that

    "I will not do anything that will open a path for HRC to become our next President . . .

    . . . There is no such thing as a national popular vote. . . We are not a democracy, we are a republic, for good cause. . . We all have differing opinions and I respect your part in the political process, but frankly, since I am a Texas elector, the political opinions of non-Texas voters means nothing to me. I do not vote or get involved in your state, I am not sure why you are trying to interfere in mine. As an American citizen, your voice should be able to be heard by all, so I have this email address available, but I owe no duty to any non-Texan. . . . I encourage you to be active in the political process where your vote matters."

    Bummer for anyone in Texas trying to make their voices heard; they're going to get the same auto-brush off. Possibly Kim assumes that nobody in Texas that matters will be contacting him by email.

  2. If you want the full text of the auto-response, tag me here. It's a bit long to throw it all in a comment, and I can't post screen snips in them.