Friday, December 16, 2016

December 19th - Getting The Electoral College's Attention By Volume

If you want to up your speaking up game, December 19th is the day to do it. It's a win/win no matter how you look at it. The more of us people can see, the harder it is for tRump's devotees to claim "everybody loves us, nobody likes the protestors".

If they listen, we put the brakes on an avalanche, and maybe stop it altogether.

If they don't listen, we can at least be a sign to everyone that has been watching this, here and in the international community,  that no, tRump's behavior is not "just business as usual for the US".

And that no, a good chunk of us do NOT want to hand over this much power to an oligarchic corporatocracy crony club.

And that no, we're not gong to sit criss-cross applesauce while people that don't give a damn about anything except "making deals" for themselves bluster, bombast, and bulldoze over us.

If you're going to tell me "the election is over, the electoral vote outweighs the popular vote, you need to shut up and accept that this is how the rules work", you need to consider that tRump isn't playing by the traditional rules, so why should we?

You can find your state's event info on the website. If you're in the Concord/Kannapolis/Charlotte area and want to ride, tag me here or on Miles' Facecrack page.
 The van will hold 7-8 people. 

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