Thursday, December 15, 2016

Climate Change Scientists On The Endangered List?

Good for the department heads for watching out for their people. Given the "fire feds faster" advice tRump's been given, I wish them all good luck. If Perry and Pruitt make it into the cabinet positions and make good on their ambitions to scrap or gut the departments, I hope they can hold out for awhile. Some of the DoE scientists are prepping for that possibility, and I congratulate them and wish them good luck on that too.

They're (or we're) going to need it. There are too many people who don't care whether such behavior is professional, ethical, or even legal or not; they can't even get it through their heads that tRump HAS NO AUTHORITY to do jack shit to anybody until he's sworn in. 

And even then, yes, boys 'n girls, tRump will still have to fight the remaining members of Congress that actually give a damn about legal process and professional policy who have the cojones to stand up to him and his bully cronies. Metric craptons of luck to them too.

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