Thursday, December 29, 2016

Propane & Coffee For Standing Rock

My friend Sam Flippo of the University of Virginia is using her job and network resources and GoFundMe to send support for Oceti Sakowin Camp, the main gathering for the Standing Rock Sioux and others who are meeting the heinously harsh Dakota winter head on to keep protesting DAPL.

They have some students on site at the camp, and Sam's info was that one of the best efforts she could make was to round up fuel for the camp. Give the link a visit for more details, and other fundraiser links that all go to help out the protest.

If we can't send ourselves, can we send some of our dollars in our place? A little bit of money goes a long way when it gangs up with other money, and you can make a big difference just with the spare change you can dig out of the sofa or the dryer lint trap. Do eet!

Bowie's Alternate Universe

 Well, it would explain a lot . . . .

So maybe we look for bootlegs next Samhain?

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Golden Kermit Award - Carrie Fisher

Right off, fuck you sideways, 2016.
Just fuck you. I can't even start to list all the reasons, but I'll cover this one while I have the window to do it:

Carrie Fisher is long overdue for a Golden Kermit, and I really hate that losing her was the prod to finally get the blog done that I meant to do back when Force Awakens came out.

She was so much more than the person who brought Leia to life, but that paved the way for the things she gave us.

She was one of the actresses that helped make "person" a noun and "female" an adjective for so many of us who were kids in the 70's and 80's who, in spite of Shirley Chisholm's election to Congress, Billie Jean King beating Bobby Riggs, and the numbers of women entering colleges and universities exceeding the number of male students, were still getting told over and over various versions of "men think things and do things, women are just pretty".

She had the stones to show a human, flawed face in an industry and culture where there is often little room or tolerance for less than perfection (or what passes for it), especially if you're a chick.

She ran her mental illness struggle up the flagpole and refused to reinforce social stigmas so other people with obstacles could see they weren't alone.

She managed to be tough and strong and able laugh at life and herself without it doing it at anyone else's expense.

She didn't just make millions of people happy over the last forty-odd years, she made millions of people feel okay to be themselves. I hope she truly knows that. And I hope the work she leaves behind will keep on accomplishing that.

May her Next Big Adventure be all she could want and then some (wish goes out)

Original art:

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

And Now For Something Completely Waterbear

Miles is amazingly perfek; he got me tardigrades!

Tardigrades (or water bears or moss piglets) are a whole nother level of badass. And they're adorable. I got a digital microscope that does pics and video captures, so stay tuned  ;0)

Friday, December 23, 2016

2016 Winter Holiday Goodwishings

Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Mother's Night, Happy Pancha Ganapati, Happy Milad Un-Nabi, Happy Los Posadas, Happy Shabe Yaldā, Happy Hogswatch  - may the year ahead be good to you (salutes)

Halfway out of the dark, y'all . . . .  ;0)

Portable Weirdness At Webb Road Flea Market Dec 24th

Portable Weirdness will be at the Webb Road Flea Market, in the I & J open shed building, Saturday December 24th, from 8 am to 3-ish pm. We'll have all the usual suspects and new goodies - see you there!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Solstice 2016

 . . . . and may the year ahead lack a preponderance of suckage (wish goes out)

Coolbeads, somebody left a basket of Tull on the doorstep  ;0)

Friday, December 16, 2016

December 19th - Getting The Electoral College's Attention By Volume

If you want to up your speaking up game, December 19th is the day to do it. It's a win/win no matter how you look at it. The more of us people can see, the harder it is for tRump's devotees to claim "everybody loves us, nobody likes the protestors".

If they listen, we put the brakes on an avalanche, and maybe stop it altogether.

If they don't listen, we can at least be a sign to everyone that has been watching this, here and in the international community,  that no, tRump's behavior is not "just business as usual for the US".

And that no, a good chunk of us do NOT want to hand over this much power to an oligarchic corporatocracy crony club.

And that no, we're not gong to sit criss-cross applesauce while people that don't give a damn about anything except "making deals" for themselves bluster, bombast, and bulldoze over us.

If you're going to tell me "the election is over, the electoral vote outweighs the popular vote, you need to shut up and accept that this is how the rules work", you need to consider that tRump isn't playing by the traditional rules, so why should we?

You can find your state's event info on the website. If you're in the Concord/Kannapolis/Charlotte area and want to ride, tag me here or on Miles' Facecrack page.
 The van will hold 7-8 people. 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Climate Change Scientists On The Endangered List?

Good for the department heads for watching out for their people. Given the "fire feds faster" advice tRump's been given, I wish them all good luck. If Perry and Pruitt make it into the cabinet positions and make good on their ambitions to scrap or gut the departments, I hope they can hold out for awhile. Some of the DoE scientists are prepping for that possibility, and I congratulate them and wish them good luck on that too.

They're (or we're) going to need it. There are too many people who don't care whether such behavior is professional, ethical, or even legal or not; they can't even get it through their heads that tRump HAS NO AUTHORITY to do jack shit to anybody until he's sworn in. 

And even then, yes, boys 'n girls, tRump will still have to fight the remaining members of Congress that actually give a damn about legal process and professional policy who have the cojones to stand up to him and his bully cronies. Metric craptons of luck to them too.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Spread Some Holiday Survival

Are you breathing? Are you safe from bombs and bullets and madmen who want to kill you? Have you got food and water? Awesome! Throw some gratitude out there by helping people who aren't. I have all that plus clothes, heat, a car that runs, indoor plumbing, and a paved road right outside my house that runs right past a hospital and a library. Peeps in Syria ain't so lucky.

Russia and Assad and their pals don't give a damn about letting civilians evacuate. The buses that were FINALLY supposed to be taking people out are being stopped by vermin and the ceasefire that was supposed to let them go is trashed.

If any civilians of Aleppo that haven't already been murdered survive, it'll be because of people like the White Helmets, Doctors Without Borders/Medicins Sans Frontieres, Oxfam, Amnesty International, the International Red Cross, and others who've been doing the boots on the ground hard work all along without much help from government talking heads.

And because of you, if you're in. Even $5.00 is a lot of money when you gang it up with other fivers from 100, or 500, or 1,000 other people that are sick of what's been going on in Syria for the last four years.

And people that are sick of hearing people make stupid remarks like "we don't want them in our country, they need to stay in their own country and sort out their own problems". For the average person, there's not really much of their country left to stay in and sort out. I'd rather those people got to survive at all than draw so many hard lines in the sand about where they do it.

Meme A Day, or Follow The Money-Er, The Yellow Brick Road

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dodge The Bullet: Contact Electors Before Dec 19th

If you're one of the multitude of people along with me that's been watching the post election snowball gain avalanche status at a rate of several WTAFs per hour, you're gonna want to hit these two links. The first one covers the fact that no, the Electoral College's job ain't over and done yet.

Bit from the article about electors that are sitting uneasy on the three ring circus of tRump, his cronyist, oligarchic "fill the swamp" cabinet picks, and the puppetmaster thug currently threatening the Balkans from his nice comfy presidential office in Russia.

The second one covers the fact that your job ain't over yet either:

It's a way to voice concerns about the escalation of tRump's bullyboy behavior and disregard for anything other than his own ego we're seeing more and more of. Or concerns about the message that continued validation of his actions and attitude sends to tRump himself, to the rest of the world, and to his followers here in the US that have assumed they have a blank check to victimize anyone they don't like now. Or both. Or any other aspect of the clusterfuck that is this person in a position of government backed power.

It's easy and fast to use. (cue Snooze's broken record) Qui tacet consentire videtur; "silence is tacit consent", guys. The electors that are voicing doubts about what they're preparing to do need to hear that the public backs them, and so do the ones that aren't. Stop the snowball before it gets any bigger.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Portable Weirdness At COAM Dec 10th - 11th

Hokay, we're gonna try this AGAIN.

Portable Weirdness will be at Charlotte Open Air Market at 5471 Central Ave (the old site of Eastland Mall) Saturday and Sunday, December 10th and  11th, 2016. I'll have the Usual Suspects and some new bling, and Miles Batty will be there for part of the afternoon to answer questions and sign books. We won't be there much past 2 pm Saturday because we're doing NoDa Krampus Krawl, which you seriously oughta come out for if you can make it. More on that tomorrow ;0)

Check the website link above or the Facecrack page for more Whats, Whens, and Wheres. See ya there!

Standing With Standing Rock & Shiyé Bidziil

Anybody acquainted with this fruitcake asshat, or recognize the other two blowtoad cowards and their license plates that went after Standing Rock drone pilot and documentor Shiyé Bidziil?

So they're going to fuck and/or fuck up the NO DAPL protestors and their wives (and one presumes husbands they support fuck up equality - gee, that can go two ways, can't it?), and they have a problem with people whose shelters were wrecked by the recent blizzard holing up elsewhere. Sounds to me like they were all plenty fucked up themselves way before they decided to try to play bullyboys. In the head, anyway. Or they're just interested parties that are butthurt that ETP got documented refusing to abide by the federal directive to stop, or called foul on for waiting to report Native American burial finds they dug up, or that the army corps denied ETP the permit to finish pending an assessment. Same thing, really, if you're going to pull trashy crap like this.

Here's hoping law enforcement also steps up here. Santa Claus is watching, dontchakno. And so is the rest of the world, even if a lot of the US doesn't seem to be.

Serious salutes to the 1587 archaeologists, museum personnel, and educators that signed that petition to the White House, right along with the UN officials and veterans that have stepped in - may your willingness to stand up for Native history and rights come back to reward you tenfold (wish goes out). I'll take any good bits we can grab before January 20th throws all bets off.

If you want to stand with them but can't haul it up to Oceti Sakowin, you can still help by speaking to public officials and donating to help with supplies for the in-your-face Dakota winter weather. Ways to do that are on the Standing Rock website. May all our Ancestors bless you if you do (wish goes out).

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Portable Weirdness At Charlotte Open Air Market

Portable Weirdness will be at Charlotte Open Air Market at 5471 Central Ave (the old site of Eastland Mall) Sunday, December 4, 2016. I'll have the Usual Suspects and some new bling, and Miles Batty will be there from 11 am to 2 pm to answer questions and sign books.

Check the website link above or the Facecrack page for more Whats, Whens, and Wheres. See ya there!

(Yeah, I know they're upside down. I've reoriented and uploaded those two pics four times, and even when they show correctly in the preview, they're still flipped when I publish. Screw it, I got stuff to do)