Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election 2016 & Being UnAmerican

Well, congratulations to us; the lowest common denominator is confirmed as the dominant  social norm that's driving the bus. Or at least it is for the ones in key electoral college states that get to overstep the popular vote. The Trumpers got what they wanted; may they now get what they deserve.

Trump is just one facet of the whole mess; I pity the rest of the world for having to deal with his ignorance, bullying, tantrums, and con artistry. The bigger problem is Trump's supporters. On the heels of the Tea Partiers and Aggrovangelical Dominionists that have been lowering the bar for civil rights and civil dialogue for the last decade, Trump's mob have been telling me and others that don't toe their line vehemently and often how we're not "real Americans", need to get our filthy hippie/gay/foreign/spearchucker/beaner/raghead/feminazi etc. libtard asses out of their country, need to be tried for treason/locked up/shot/gang raped with optional various yard implements, blah blah blah and so on.

I'm fine with that; why would I want to stay in a place where so many people are willing, with glee, to validate and indulge in the kind of behavior we've been seeing?

Repackaging malicious nationalism, fascism, narcissism, demagoguery, willful ignorance, and spin that would make a 3000 rpm drill dizzy as signs of integrity?

Where "unity" means "shut the fuck up and know your place" for anyone that isn't showing sufficient Neocon loyalty or isn't WASP enough, depending on who's looking?

Where American Exceptionalism, the leftovers of Manifest Destiny, greed, and isolationism are portrayed as strength, and compromise, plurality, and common humanity are labeled as weakness and stupidity?

If that's the measuring stick for being a good American now, druther be unAmerican. It's just a shame that they have the capacity to drag so much of the rest of the world along behind them into the muck, and that so many of them think that's a good thing.


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