Thursday, November 17, 2016

Froggy Trumpeters Served Here

Hey you, the froggy Trumpeter that attempted to correct my speech and demanded that I call der incoming Führer "President Trump" and show him the level of respect she deems proper:

1. He's not president yet. Till he's sworn in in January, he's "president-elect".

2. He has not one single jot of power to enact any legislation or change policy till then, and that absolutely includes any that might punish anyone for failure to meet his devotees' standards (or lack of) of behavior.

3. If you've spent the last eight years referring to the Obamas as "them niggers", "them criminals", "them traitors", "them secret Muslims", "them dirty apes (with or without heels)", etc., you sure as bloody hell do not have the privilege of saying a single word to anyone about a lack of deference to your boy without a challenge.

4. Even if you haven't (and I've heard you do it), you have no legal grounds to demand my compliance and tack an "or else" on it. Be advised that your opinion about all us Libtards being weak and chickenshit may be poorly informed. I'm the most dangerous thing on the planet; uppity white trash with an extensive library and a prodigious number of power tools.

5. No, I am not now required to validate and excuse your shoddy behavior in the name of some perverted spin about "national unity" and "coming together". That's not constructive compromise, it's merely gaslighting.

6. There is no Rule 6, Bruce. And they managed to do that sketch and still not be  jackasses to anyone but themselves.

7. Yeah, it's your opinion and you surely have a right to it. But you don't have the right to spew whatever you like and then insist that anyone who disagrees cannot have the same freedom, or that you may not be held accountable for your words.

And, because reasons . . .

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