Sunday, October 9, 2016

Portable No Pussy Grabbing Zone

THIS. Thank you. Make up your minds, GOoPers. You can't have it both ways.

 . . . . crap, I just said "GOoPers" and "minds", didn't I?

And some of you clowns are more upset that Rump said "pussy" than you are about the context he said it in?

Knock off the stupid, poorly constructed dodging. That "boys will be boys" crap was irresponsible bullshit centuries ago and it's not smelling any better with age.

No, it's not just locker room banter. I've always worked with guys, and been one of the guys on the clock. No, all males do not talk the same shit when no one with tits or other qualifying outsider is listening. "I'd do her", "Dat ass!" and even "hey baby, wanna climb my pole?" (cable TV job specific, dontchano) are a far cry from "I can grope you whether you want it or not and you can't do anything about it". Some of the raunchiest assholes I ever worked with would still tell any guy that said something like that to STFU.

If it was a one-off, there might, just maaaaaaybe, be a tiny bit of wiggle room here for some apology and statements about having been drunk at the time and having grown up in the interim. But it's not. It's been this cheap bitch's M.O. all along. And some of you want to hand him more power? WTAFness? And you demand that I respect your opinion and judgement?

Closing rimshot:

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