Monday, October 10, 2016

Meme A Day, or I'm Just Exercising My Right To Have An Opinion

Why izzit when  AggroConservatives toss off crap about how us stupid, brainless, lazy, lying, Godless, hippie slutbag immigrant Libtards are ruining the country and Rump will fix us all via any number of illegal and untenable acts, and quote "facts" that can't even stand up under the scrutiny of a myopic naked mole rat, they're "just exercising their right to their opinion", but when I say what I think, I'm "infringing on their freedom of speech" or "attacking them" or "being divisive"?

Rump isn't the disease. He's just the great big infected pustule that developed as a symptom. The disease is a social norm where all those traits are loosely packaged as cleverness, integrity, and style.

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