Saturday, September 24, 2016

Peace March In Downtown Concord NC Sunday Sept 25th

There is not time to get a parade permit so there WILL BE A RALLY AT THE MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. MEMORIAL AT 1:30PM TOMORROW SEPTEMBER 25.****

That's actually good - it means there are going to be enough people present to need one. See ya at the MLK Memorial roundabout. Google doesn't bring it up; if you do a map search for AC Widenhouse Transport it's the closest physical address near the memorial:

 . . . once you get to the roundabout, you can't miss it. There is parking available:

Holler if you can't read these and I'll send the map snips to you.


Original post:

Trinity United CC has been a community leader in social equality and human rights for quite some time, and Nathan and his congregation are keeping on keeping on with a march to peacefully call attention to and make a statement on racism, the escalation of police and criminal violence, and finding solutions to injustice that don't involve more injustice.

I get really tired of hearing people toss off comments about how all this city . . . or state . . . or entire region . . . is nothing but a bunch of bigoted, back-assward, willfully ignorant troglodytes. We've given them plenty of ammo to power those statements over the years; can we demonstrate a presence of people that don't fit that stereotype this weekend?

If you're also tired of mean-spirited bullying instead of treating all people like human beings, of a stacked deck instead of justice, of fearmongering instead of talking to each other like rational adults, lemme see ya show up tomorrow. It won't cost you anything but time. If you want to make sure people know why you're there with a sign, you can do it for $2 at Dollar Tree for a piece of foam board and a marker.

Don't want to show up by yourself? Tag Miles and/or me and you can show up with us.
You can accomplish a lot just by showing up. You show the bigots they're wrong when they say "everybody thinks like us". You show the cynics they're wrong when they say "nobody gives a shit". You show the kid who's scared to walk out his front door that somebody cares whether he comes back home safe. You show people who've given up on peace and equality they can keep going.

See ya there, folks.

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