Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New Elder Futhark & Ogham Sets From Portable Weirdness

Spalted Birch

 New goodies! Will have these at Enchanted Chalice this coming weekend, along with any others I get finished by then.

I saved some of the bacteria residue from the birch to see if I can replicate the spalting; stay tuned ;0)

Crash Oak



Crash Oak

Just for the 411: "Crash Oak" is the 40'-ish pin oak that dropped about a third of itself on the house after a storm awhile back. The remaining trunk and branches are coming back out really nicely; for reference, the fence in the foreground is six feet tall. The log is one of the branches patiently awaiting being tweaked into a rustic (very) bench seat after ample time to dry out well.

So what we got here is storm-felled oak from a tree that ain't dead, for any Thor people out there. Some of the Crash Oak wood will also available for the people who're taking the Shoulda Wooda Coulda class here in October to make stuff out of.

As for the rest, all my wood comes from deadfall, storm damage, preventative grooming (which should have been done years ago on Crash), or wood somebody else cut that I saw fit to pay respects to.

 See ya at the booth!

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