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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Peace March In Downtown Concord NC Sunday Sept 25th

There is not time to get a parade permit so there WILL BE A RALLY AT THE MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. MEMORIAL AT 1:30PM TOMORROW SEPTEMBER 25.****

That's actually good - it means there are going to be enough people present to need one. See ya at the MLK Memorial roundabout. Google doesn't bring it up; if you do a map search for AC Widenhouse Transport it's the closest physical address near the memorial:

 . . . once you get to the roundabout, you can't miss it. There is parking available:

Holler if you can't read these and I'll send the map snips to you.


Original post:

Trinity United CC has been a community leader in social equality and human rights for quite some time, and Nathan and his congregation are keeping on keeping on with a march to peacefully call attention to and make a statement on racism, the escalation of police and criminal violence, and finding solutions to injustice that don't involve more injustice.

I get really tired of hearing people toss off comments about how all this city . . . or state . . . or entire region . . . is nothing but a bunch of bigoted, back-assward, willfully ignorant troglodytes. We've given them plenty of ammo to power those statements over the years; can we demonstrate a presence of people that don't fit that stereotype this weekend?

If you're also tired of mean-spirited bullying instead of treating all people like human beings, of a stacked deck instead of justice, of fearmongering instead of talking to each other like rational adults, lemme see ya show up tomorrow. It won't cost you anything but time. If you want to make sure people know why you're there with a sign, you can do it for $2 at Dollar Tree for a piece of foam board and a marker.

Don't want to show up by yourself? Tag Miles and/or me and you can show up with us.
You can accomplish a lot just by showing up. You show the bigots they're wrong when they say "everybody thinks like us". You show the cynics they're wrong when they say "nobody gives a shit". You show the kid who's scared to walk out his front door that somebody cares whether he comes back home safe. You show people who've given up on peace and equality they can keep going.

See ya there, folks.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Meme A Day, Or They See Me Rowling

Thank you. (salutes)

Kinda hoped Identity Politics would have changed more since the 80's. Can we get past the idea yet that you have to Flame On sufficiently to be allowed GLBT street cred? **coughtumblrcough**

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Terence Crutcher, Keith Scott, & Tantrums Dressed Up As Protest

Terence Crutcher
It's not even worth asking what pedantic bullshit the excessive force LEOs apologists are going to come up with this time for  Terence Crutcher. It's going to be just as slagging douchebaggish as any other nonsensical rhetoric excusing unjustified use of force has been, and the fact that there have been so many occasions to regurgitate it all is in itself vomit inducing.

Keith Scott


Here comes the "Snooze is a goddamn fucking racist" part.

Tulsa Oklahoma lost a citizen under dodgy circumstances, and registered well justified outrage and demands for transparent investigation and justice.

Charlotte North Carolina, the city I was born in and currently live about 15 minutes from, also lost a citizen under as yet uninvestigated circumstances, and some denizens of it opted to turn a protest into a violent tantrum and pretend they were protesting police violence with it.

I applaud and salute you, Tulsa. May justice and truth prevail for you, for Mr. Crutcher and his family, and all the other people of all colors who live with the monstrous fear that they could be next. (wish goes out)


How the festering hell does it accomplish anything productive to put people out in 70-80 mph interstate traffic in the dark and make more human targets out of them?

How does it bring about any understanding of common humanity to take your anger out on people you've most highly likely never laid eyes on, some of whom are only passing through this city or state on the way to somewhere else? Does scaring the crap out of complete strangers make you a Righteous Badass?

What justice did you bring about by looting trucks driven by working people trying to earn a paycheck, and burning the goods they were responsible for? What kind of cheap excuses
are you going to give them, their bosses, or their clients? Or by trashing and looting a store? Are you going to turn around and complain tomorrow about it being closed?

Oh, yeah, riiiiiight, you got people's attention for "The Cause", so that makes it all shiny.
The only attention you're going to get out of this is obstructionist bigots using you like a dirty dishrag as an excuse to discredit real human rights efforts, and paint us all as mindless thugs, liars, and credulous morons like they always have.

You have to be smarter than the people who want to keep you down. DO NOT hand them the tools to keep doing it.

If justice and truth prevail in Mr. Scott's case, it'll be in spite of this bullshit, not because of it.

Here's to a Best Outcome to their families and all the other people who got something out of this week they didn't deserve. May level headed integrity overcome baser agendas.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Portable Weirdness At Central NC Pagan Pride Day

It's baaaaaaack! Portable Weirdness will be at Central NC Pagan Pride Day this weekend, Sept. 17-18th, with the Usual Suspects and even more new schwag than last weekend!


Miles Batty will be handy for questions, book signing, altitude consultation, and general geekbauchery.

PPD events are about community, and fall is about harvest and bounty. If you're fed, clothed, and got a roof over your head, CNC has several different ways you can get in on helping those that aren't and don't. Admission is non-perishable food and hygiene items, the
Red Cross will be there for a blood donation drive, and  Wake County Animal Center ,
 American Wildlife Refuge,
Midgard Serpents Reptile Rescue, and Independent Animal Rescue will be there for adoptions, fundraising, and volunteer opportunities.

It's two days of music, dancing, jamming, workshops, rituals, finding out about community groups, shopping and craftwork, medieval arms demos, and the general public's opportunity to observe and ask questions for themselves about who Pagans are. The state fairgrounds has also added a load of new camping and RV sites, and I can vouch that there are few better places to nod off than under the huuuuuge long leaf pine trees that are all over the property  ;0)
 See ya there! 



Sunday, September 11, 2016

Can The Pipeline And The Buck Stop Here?

Good. Going to be optimistic till something otherwise happens.

May the Ancestors of Standing Rock, Cheyenne River and all other affected parties set their hands and faces against unmindful acts of egocentric greed, and may the tools of that unmindfulness find better employment elsewhere. May all the people of the region and downriver consider the land that feeds them and the water they drink (wish goes out)

Friday, September 9, 2016

The Rare, Elusive Mawpenguin

I have absolutely no idea what the hell it is, but I want one . . . . will get R & D on it as soon as they get themselves unstuck from the ceiling.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New Elder Futhark & Ogham Sets From Portable Weirdness

Spalted Birch

 New goodies! Will have these at Enchanted Chalice this coming weekend, along with any others I get finished by then.

I saved some of the bacteria residue from the birch to see if I can replicate the spalting; stay tuned ;0)

Crash Oak



Crash Oak

Just for the 411: "Crash Oak" is the 40'-ish pin oak that dropped about a third of itself on the house after a storm awhile back. The remaining trunk and branches are coming back out really nicely; for reference, the fence in the foreground is six feet tall. The log is one of the branches patiently awaiting being tweaked into a rustic (very) bench seat after ample time to dry out well.

So what we got here is storm-felled oak from a tree that ain't dead, for any Thor people out there. Some of the Crash Oak wood will also available for the people who're taking the Shoulda Wooda Coulda class here in October to make stuff out of.

As for the rest, all my wood comes from deadfall, storm damage, preventative grooming (which should have been done years ago on Crash), or wood somebody else cut that I saw fit to pay respects to.

 See ya at the booth!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Portable Weirdness At Enchanted Chalice Renaissance Faire

Portable Weirdness will be at Enchanted Chalice Renaissance Faire in Greenville SC  September 9th-10th with the usual suspects and lotsa new loot! Miles Batty will be tethered to a convenient tree for book signing, questions, and really bad puns.

Musical badasses Tuatha Dea are cranking it up loud Friday and Saturday night along with Alex Bledsoe, the author of the original Tufa Novels, and his muse Jennifer Goree. If none of that makes you squee, we can fix that:

There's all sorts of other misbehavior and quality hooliganism to get up to, so haul your cookies down the road and we'll see ya there! And if you're bemoaning a lack of cash to get in, tag the Facebook page or the crew page and volunteer to help out to score a free pass that day ;0)


Because Liam Neeson, Dammit!