Friday, August 5, 2016

On Today's Installment Of Epic Hell Yeah, We Bring You The Olympic Refugee Team

Meet Yusra Mardini. She and her sister and a friend jumped into the Mediterranean Sea and swam to push a lifeboat with a failed motor carrying twenty other Syrian refugees for three hours to keep it from sinking.

Or James Chiengjie, who fled his home and escaped to Kenya at 13 rather than be conscripted as a child soldier to fight in South Sudan's civil war.

Or Popole Misenga and Yolande Mabika, survivors of the ongoing horrific conflicts in the  Democratic Republic of the Congo.

They're just a few examples of the far too many people who have been driven to become refugees in the morass of international conflicts of the last several years. People who've lost homes, family, sometimes everything to war but haven't given up. And at this year's Rio Olympics, they will be part of the first Olympic Refugee Team.

I wanna set the doping scandals, Rio's problems with it's economy, human rights issues, corruption, Zika, and all the other stuff over there behind a potted plant or something for a minute and say this:

Crowd applause

THAT kind of thing is why the Olympics, with all it's problems, politics, and pandering, is still worth something. There are athletes who are there to stand on the merits of their own personal best and the effort it took to get there before anything else. And there are people who see fit to step up and help them walk into that arena. They're worth fixing the rest for.

May you all medal; you've already won.


  1. Hells yeah! Thanks for bringing this to our attention; I'll be watching as I can. Talk about spirit, this is IT!!

    1. Have you seen the Parade of Nations footage yet? It was awesome; the whole arena went nuts for them.

      I also wondered "what if a refugee's family that has been separated from each other is able to find them again because they see them competing?"