Monday, August 8, 2016

On Today's Installment Of Epic Cool, We Bring You Green & Shiny In Brazil

"Gambiarra" was explained to me as the Brazilian metaphorical equivalent of managing to throw a fantastic party for a whole neighborhood with just a bag of chips and an old clock radio, or making a really cool mosaic window out of the broken pieces from another one. Rio, they haz it.

The torch cauldron reflector sculpture is gorgeous; it's tied for first place with the Olympic rings being sprouted out of green leaves to call attention to dealing with climate change. I love their idea for each athlete to plant a seed as they came in for the parade of nations to go toward a reforestation park project. Some of America has the gall to sneer at Brazil and all it's problems, but for the most part, at the national level we haven't got the integrity or the stones to even admit climate change exists, much less talk about what we can do to lessen it's impact.

Salutes to all the individual people who pulled off gambierra for the Games. May it keep rolling.

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