Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Meme A Day, Or "Getting My Blog Waste Matter Accumulated"

I kept saying "I'll get back to blogging more when I get some more house repair stuff and car maintenance stuff and vending stuff and class stuff caught up". Then for every one thing I got finished or resolved, two or three (or four . . .  or eleventeen) more things drop, meander, or ooze into the picture. Fine. If that's how you wanna play . . . .

 So I'm going to split the difference and aim for at least a meme a day, unless I'm off somewhere with no signal. Links to relevant current events and trips to the Department Of Backstory may happen here and there. This also gives me a spot to repost some stuff a few people have asked for that has been unavailable since I got kicked off Facecrack again for occurrences of insufficiently butt-shaped mouth. If you wanted something, da request line is open! Meanwhile, Imma queue up a couple classic hits because frakking relevant 'n shit:

1 comment:

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