Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Meme A Day, or Bumper Sticker Politics

Another person asked me "when are you going to get that loser sticker off your car?" (that would be the Bernie Sanders one).

The answer is still "I have no plans to remove it, Twinklenuts."

I really don't give a damn at this point if Sanders is out of the running, playing a long game, a quitter, whatever. He's still the best of the lot by a long shot, and he's accomplished a Herculean task in waking people up. Frankly, I'd be sick and tired of the whole sorry mess, and much less inclined to graciously call for strategic unity myself. What matters to me is that the sticker should still clear up any ambiguity over whether I'd endorse Rump, or unreservedly prefer Clinton over any of the other candidates who are 
mostly getting muscled out by the joke that is our two party bully contest.

And I may throw stickers for Jill Stein and Gary Johnson on there with it just to further annoy people that want to get froggy about it. I'm tired of smug assholery being packaged as a sign of integrity and character. I'm tired of people tossing off barely coherent buzzword spin that they can't even spell correctly. I'm tired of people who miss their playground bully days (or feel bitter because they couldn't manage to have them at all) spitting out threats and abuse that they can't even accurately articulate the meaning of. And I'm tired of spoiled brats gaslighting anyone who tells them their behavior is shoddy with accusations of censorship or living in an echo chamber.

If that's the winning team, I'm good to keep on hanging out with the losers.

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