Friday, July 29, 2016

Hold My Beer & Watch This: Shoulda Wooda Coulda Class


Hey Peoples,

Okay, here's the 411 for the wood crafts class:
  • Dress smart: wear clothes that can get messed up, no open toe shoes, if you have long hair pull it back out of the way of things that are on fire or spin real fast.
  • Bring lunch and drinks; I'll have a fridge, a microwave, and also water and tea available.
  • If you want to bring your own material or want extras like stones to inset let me know.
  • Some of your project options: staff/walking stick/cane, wand, ogham or rune set, broom, galdrastafur/stave, altar decor - tag me if you have another idea.
  • Participants under the age of 17 must have a responsible parent or guardian participating with them. Nobody under 13 in the shop.
  • We're going to cover a lot in the first hour of the class. If you're going to be late because of car trouble, traffic, or other stuff that can't be helped, CALL ME. If you don't already have my cell number, tag me and ask for it. Snooze does not do PST or "Oopsies!". Snooze also does not do Facebook messaging on her phone. CALL ME. If you can't Adult enough to do this, you can't Adult enough for me to trust you with power tools that can send you to the ER.

This is going to be a blast, and I'm really stoked to see what you guys make! See ya in a bit  ;0)

BTW, here's yer creative inspiration:

Validating Putin, or Political Carpet Bombing

Yeah, Rump tossing off about Russia finding Clinton's deleted emails shows shoddy PR judgement. We already knew that was a thing. But his comment about validating Russia's heinous behavior on the heels of other comments about blowing off NATO agreements in the event that Putin continues is just one blowtoad bully high fiving another. The really sad part is the number of people that either don't have a clue what's been going on in Eastern Europe and don't care, or worse, do know and think "Make America Great Again" means "act like global scale bastards".

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Meme A Day, or No Roman Charges

Meme A Day, or Bumper Sticker Politics

Another person asked me "when are you going to get that loser sticker off your car?" (that would be the Bernie Sanders one).

The answer is still "I have no plans to remove it, Twinklenuts."

I really don't give a damn at this point if Sanders is out of the running, playing a long game, a quitter, whatever. He's still the best of the lot by a long shot, and he's accomplished a Herculean task in waking people up. Frankly, I'd be sick and tired of the whole sorry mess, and much less inclined to graciously call for strategic unity myself. What matters to me is that the sticker should still clear up any ambiguity over whether I'd endorse Rump, or unreservedly prefer Clinton over any of the other candidates who are 
mostly getting muscled out by the joke that is our two party bully contest.

And I may throw stickers for Jill Stein and Gary Johnson on there with it just to further annoy people that want to get froggy about it. I'm tired of smug assholery being packaged as a sign of integrity and character. I'm tired of people tossing off barely coherent buzzword spin that they can't even spell correctly. I'm tired of people who miss their playground bully days (or feel bitter because they couldn't manage to have them at all) spitting out threats and abuse that they can't even accurately articulate the meaning of. And I'm tired of spoiled brats gaslighting anyone who tells them their behavior is shoddy with accusations of censorship or living in an echo chamber.

If that's the winning team, I'm good to keep on hanging out with the losers.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Meme A Day, or Seems Legit

Meme A Day, or WTAF Do You Mean "I Don't Know"?

 . . . . . . . .

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

 . . . . . . I don't think I've said "what the actual fuck" enough times today yet . . .

Okay, come on, apologists, what kind of pathetic excuses are you going to go with on this one? The (alleged) cop was blinded by all the daylight? Guns disguised as toy trucks are trendy in Florida right now? You thought the autistic guy was sitting down so he could hide a bomb under his butt?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Meme A Day, or We've Upped Our Standards, Now Up Yours

Damn, ya'll aren't even remotely trying to make the spin anything like plausible. I'm not sure which one is more ridiculous, the idea that a thong is more conducive to a professional leadership image than a sleeveless dress and being in shape, or the idea that saying the double standard is bullshit amounts to slut shaming. Really much?

Addendum: OFFFFFFS, go look up "cognitive dissonance" before you make ludicrous noises about the meme being racist or anti-Obama.

Meme A Day, or Free Speech In America

I just couldn't decide which one of these was more WIN, so let's just do both  ;0)

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Meme A Day - I'll Just Leave This Right Here

Last week a guy that I don't know, sporting a number of "Go Trump!" "To Hell With Commie Bernie!" "Up Yours Hilary!" variety bumper stickers, asked me when I was going to stop looking stupid and get that loser sticker (that would be the one for Bernie Sanders) off my car. He was highly displeased with my answer that I had no plans at all to take it off, because it keeps people from entertaining any idea that there's even a remote possibility I might vote for the GOP's hoofwanking bunglecunt national embarrassment. It's Twinklenuts' own fault for being assish enough to ask in the first place, neh?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Chickweed Music Festival - Be There!

Upcoming coolness happening: Portable Weirdness will be at the 5th Annual Chickweed Music Festival July 23rd, in downtown Salisbury NC

Chickweed is an evening of good music, good dancing, good art, and good goods, and it benefits the Family Crisis Council of Rowan County, a non-profit community resource for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence and tools to combat violence at the community level.

Also appearing will be Mythical Genetics and His Goatyness Miles Batty with his literary stylings.

So you can support your local a whole handful of ways and have fun doing it. See ya there!

Meme A Day, Or "Getting My Blog Waste Matter Accumulated"

I kept saying "I'll get back to blogging more when I get some more house repair stuff and car maintenance stuff and vending stuff and class stuff caught up". Then for every one thing I got finished or resolved, two or three (or four . . .  or eleventeen) more things drop, meander, or ooze into the picture. Fine. If that's how you wanna play . . . .

 So I'm going to split the difference and aim for at least a meme a day, unless I'm off somewhere with no signal. Links to relevant current events and trips to the Department Of Backstory may happen here and there. This also gives me a spot to repost some stuff a few people have asked for that has been unavailable since I got kicked off Facecrack again for occurrences of insufficiently butt-shaped mouth. If you wanted something, da request line is open! Meanwhile, Imma queue up a couple classic hits because frakking relevant 'n shit: