Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Portable Weirdness At Caldera Fest 2016

Get yer jam on! Portable Weirdness will be at Caldera Fest Music Festival May 26-30th, right outside of LaFayette Georgia. We'll have Mythical Genetics as next door neighbors, so it's double decker coolness for you to peruse.

As you can see from the banner, the music lineup is seriously squee-worthy, and that's not even everybody who's on board. The event website has a more exhaustive listing and details about the workshops, vendors and craftspeople, camping, and etc. and so on. Tuatha Dea and a plethora of accomplices are going to unleash their new collaborative CD The Green Album at the festival, so I'm really jonesing to give Danny & Becky and crew a Shut Up And Take My Money moment. If that doesn't get your attention because you've never heard of Tuatha Dea, get thee to that last video link below! If none of the names in the banner are familiar, you can fix this terrible, awful lack in your life by hitting the other ones ;0)

If you're bummed because tickets just aren't in your budget, they are still looking for volunteers, and pulling a few shifts to help the event gets you in free. Do eet!

Here're the aforementioned goodies from featured performers to tide you over:

See ya'll there  ;0)