Tuesday, January 13, 2015

HaMevaser: Journalistic Integrity Fail

World leaders gathered to join the Paris march to honor the Charlie Hebdo shooting victims and others killed by Islamic extremists, and to show solidarity against the insanity that is radical extremism on all fronts; anti-Western, anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, anti-free speech, anti-humanity.

Good. Terrorism is not about religion vs religion or culture vs culture, it's about Sane vs Crazy. All the Sane people may not agree on everything, but we can pretty much agree on that whole "don't freakin' blow shit up and murder people in the name of ideology" thing.

Extremism is the result of twisted, skewed, perverted versions of reality. I can't call someone Sane as long as they're playing at sillybuggers and presenting a reality I can prove is false.

HaMevaser, an Israeli ultra-Orthodox paper, followed it's prohibition against women being seen or heard by anyone not family by photoshopping out the images of Angela Merkel, Federica Mogherini, Anne Hidalgo, and other female leaders, and leaving their names out of the report. As if they weren't there at all. And apparently shopped in images of men who weren't, to cover up the odd bits left from the edits.


Okay, you guys have this religious-cultural rule that you believe preserves morality. That's dandy; you're free to have it as long as you don't require the rest of us to live by it or be harmed by it. But if you're going to claim concerns about morality, let's talk about integrity. And lying on paper.

Why is it immoral to show a picture of a woman, or mention her name in print, but not immoral to falsify data about a historical event? Because that's pretty much what editing people out of an international news story is. Deliberate misinformation. If you can't be trusted to allow documentable facts to be recorded merely because they involve elements that don't adhere to your particular dogma, I don't think you can be trusted to tell the truth about other things.

Being ultra-orthodox does not automatically make you an incompetent imbecile; you obviously figured out how to work an image editor just fine. You're telling me that you can't figure out a way to report on important events that include people who are outside your culture, and are therefore not bound by it's strictures, that doesn't make liars of you? And yet you expect to be respected as people of character?

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