Thursday, December 4, 2014

Purgatory Frozen Winter Fetish

Portable Weirdness and The Krampus will be at Single Cell Productions' Purgatory #61, December 13th at Amos' Southend in Charlotte, NC. Things get cranked up at 8 pm and go till 2 am, and include performance art, killer DJs, interactive fetish entertainers, costume design and fashion statements, a VIP Dungeon, and cool shopping for peeps that don't do ugly ties, bad cologne, or godsawful Claxton fruitcakes when they give holiday gifts!

If you're a Purgatory alumni, you know why they're still going after all this time. If you see people in the fetish/BDSM life and run screaming for a bed to hide under, come on out and hang out (literally) with folks who've not only made peace with their demons, they invite them over for beer and pizza. Remember, it's always the quiet ones you gotta watch out for!

And if you're a really, really  bad little boy or girl, you can pet the Krampus  . . .

 . . . or take a good swing at him ;0)