Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Occult Square Dancing

Started using a Square card reader a few months ago amid rave reviews from friends and fellow festival vendors and had good results with it. Up until I thwacked myself upside the head because I never read through the whole policy section.

Well, that kinda creates a slight technical problem. And it's too vague to know if they're being discriminatory or just have no idea what they're talking about, or had an attack of slack and c/p'ed some moldy Nth generation boilerplate. I hadn't even thought about it because so many other PHA vendors use the thing. Google-ating drags up some previous speculation and questioning, with no hits on anything from Square indicating any significant 411 other than a broad statement about people making impossible claims about magic effects.

Okay, retroactive Do Your Homework time. Emailed Square:

Of course, I took the patently dishonest don't-throw-yourself-under-the-bus route till I find out if I screwed up or not. I haven't sold anything that would violate their policy since I read it; I'll ditch Square altogether if I find out I have been. Got this back:

 Meh. I get where they may be going, but still waffley. Emailed again:

Yeah, I went for a broad approach there. No, I do not speak for all of PHAdom. No, I do not determine what the word "occult" means for all of reality. I niptucked simplicity to convey something complicated and culturally subjective. Before you complain a whole lot, find me someone who does like hacks and rip off artists as a visual aid.

More email Wimbledon:

Gah - why does everything have to be "reaching out" now? Can't I just frackking contact
people? Is it really that threatening to think someone might want to ask you something that you're going to need to formulate a response to, so that you have to euphemize it?

Anyway, still not addressing the problem. But they're definitely getting points for not just blowing me off. Sent more longwindedness:

So tune in tomorrow for the continuing saga, if there is one after that. In the meantime, I'm signing up for PaypalHere so I'll have something to use at the next vending event either way. Per a better quality of DYH, their acceptable use policy doesn't list any similar issues.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Golden Kermit Award: Dolly Parton

Two things Dolly Parton has always been good at: being a class act with a sense of humor, and being a human being. She did it again in a recent interview during a Billboard photoshoot where she comments on using her beliefs as an incentive to treat other people like they're also human beings instead of a weapon of social punishment. Here's hoping that gains traction with more people using the Christian label.

I'm glad to see her coming up on her 50th anniversary in the music industry and still going strong. And still plugging her success and business acumen back into her home region and it's people in the form of jobs, literacy and scholarships, support of heritage crafts and folk lore, and conservation, including giving a disabled hang gliding eagle a home and a vehicle for helping his species make a comeback from extinction. She's where a bit of the attitude that's kept me in one piece came from.

Most of my family that listened to secular music were country fans, so somewhat ironically, all things considered, I grew up with Parton's music and her habit of refusing to cram her larger than life self (literally and figuratively) into anyone else's box. I could relate to her by age eleven. I was an early bloomer, and when I was in elementary school in the 70's any girl wearing a bra in fourth grade had a lot of incredibly stupid crap to put up with. Slut-shaming isn't anything new, and I thought it was doubly ridiculous to get bombed with it over something I didn't have a say in. Especially when it got paired up with lame garbage like "But people still won't like you unless you act right" and admonitions to at least try to be pretty. Just not pretty like that. You know, the nice, quiet, demure sort of pretty that also doesn't think too much. Out loud, anyway.

I read about and heard people giving her flak over her famous cleavage and her "Flash, Bang, & Brains" approach, and her outlook that took their petty BS and fired it right back at them by taking the caricature she made of herself, working it like a boss, and having a good time making fun of it all in one go. It was an ongoing class on self-preservation and not letting sad little people drag you into their personal Plane of Suck.

May she and her attitude keep running around loose being contagious for a long time yet. The more heavy-handed the rulers get, the more we need people who write their own rules. And who are too busy having fun doing it to care if someone gets their knickers in a knot over it (salutes)