Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The US Injustice Department - Has it Changed Your Life Yet?*

On today's installment of Epic Ethics Fail, we bring you the Federal Bureau of Overreach:

"Saltzburg, who has himself worked for the Justice Department, is frankly puzzled by the brazenness of the search here."It's very difficult to understand, unless they want to try to push the law of consent beyond where it's ever gone before," he says."

Or unless Federal agencies just don't give a damn if they get caught any more. Given the number of other instances of enforcement overreach making it into the news (partially due more to citizen reporting and digital media than anything else), I'll fall back on the same premise I've been tossing out: when criminals stop being discreet, they're either stupid because they're tools or cocky because they know they can get away with it. I'm going with both here.

The real question for me is how much backpedaling, scapegoating, or additional cover up  the FBI will have to do to avoid more than a few frowny faces from officials that still believe in a measure of professional integrity. Or whether those people will be bullied into shutting up, and this case allowed to set precedent for an uglier new normal.

* Thank you Compac

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