Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The US Injustice Department - Has it Changed Your Life Yet?*

On today's installment of Epic Ethics Fail, we bring you the Federal Bureau of Overreach:

"Saltzburg, who has himself worked for the Justice Department, is frankly puzzled by the brazenness of the search here."It's very difficult to understand, unless they want to try to push the law of consent beyond where it's ever gone before," he says."

Or unless Federal agencies just don't give a damn if they get caught any more. Given the number of other instances of enforcement overreach making it into the news (partially due more to citizen reporting and digital media than anything else), I'll fall back on the same premise I've been tossing out: when criminals stop being discreet, they're either stupid because they're tools or cocky because they know they can get away with it. I'm going with both here.

The real question for me is how much backpedaling, scapegoating, or additional cover up  the FBI will have to do to avoid more than a few frowny faces from officials that still believe in a measure of professional integrity. Or whether those people will be bullied into shutting up, and this case allowed to set precedent for an uglier new normal.

* Thank you Compac

Monday, October 27, 2014

Portable Weirdness at Thaumaturgy 777's 2014 Samhain Festival

So, what are you doing Saturday, November 1st?

Portable Weirdness will be at Thaumaturgy 777's Samhain Festival in Durham NC with the usual suspects. Miles will be there with books, tethered to a convenient tree for questions and so ons.

Come close out the year or give props to your Ancestors with us and have some fun and some thinks at the same time ;0)

Directions and more details at the linked site - see ya this weekend!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Give It Up For Osvaldo Soto

Hey people, it's payback time!

If you live in the Carolina Piedmont general area or attend events here like Central NC
Pagan Pride Day, you've likely met and directly benefited from the efforts of Kay and Osvaldo Soto. If you don't and haven't, think of them as something similar to the Missouri, the Rio Grande, or the St. Lawrence rivers - they may not run through your own back yard, but we'd all be poorer without them.

The short version is, the Sotos run Truely Unique, a metaphysical shop in Wilson NC. The long version is, they've spent the last several years being a huge local resource - the store is a learning center, a safe oasis, a gallery for local artists and craftspeople, an information kiosk, a magical and spiritual
think tank, and an interfaith bridge builder. Military veteran Osvaldo went from serving his country to serving his community,and now his community needs to step up for him.

Osvaldo has had a series of surgeries for multiple health issues, and has more hospital time to go yet. That means medical  bills, extra expenses, and time lost from the store. You can help get them though this rough spot by shopping in the Wilson store or online, participating in the YouCaring fundraiser (which does not require any sign-up-so-we-can-spam-you crap to use), and/or giving them signal boost on your blog or social media page.

Osvaldo (and his camera!) were missed at CNC PPD this year; let's show the Sotos just how much by supporting them like they've done for so many of us.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Fossil What?

On today's installment of Fossils I Bought Just So I Could Find Out What The Hell They Are, we bring you WTH #36: 


If anybody can ID it, the guy I got it from is just as WTH as I am  ;0)

Please note:

1. We already know it's a fossil something
2. No, it's not a coprolite, and that joke is older than whatever it is
3. High probability of land vertebrate per the layer it was collected from
4. Yeah, I'm really sure it's not a coprolite
5. 4.75 oz
6. There is no #6, Bruce
7. Yo mama is a coprolite, hoser

Mini Gourdians!

Up next - Mini Gourdians!

These little guys work just like regular House Gourdians in every way, they're just small enough to be more practical if you have limited space or want something a little less . . . blatant.

They're all between 3" and 6", and like the original Gourdians, they're a spin off a variety of spirit doll. They're all built as blanks and can be individually customized, or if you want somebody that's already dressed for success . . .

Tag me here if you want more details or want to score one and can't get to any event where I'll be vending ;0)