Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gaza & Israel: I'm On Joe Public's Side

This is one of the pics and opinions that garnered some ire, and may have been the excuse for reporting me on Facecrack under the complaint that it amounts to anti-Semitism. At least that's what one comment said. So I figure it's obligatory to put it back up somewhere.

The photo is of two year old Salma Riyadh, who was killed in one of the bouts of shelling in the Gaza Strip. Right about the time Israel started firing on UN schools and refugee buildings after being informed repeatedly they were UN held safe zones. Right before Israel's Ayelet Shaked stated that the Palestinian people were the enemy, and that Palestinian mothers should be killed and the homes they live in should be destroyed lest they raise more "Little snakes". She's an MP, a government official, btw, and she has a whole political party with voting power behind her.

For years and years, saying that Israel or any part of it's government might be wrong has often been called unforgivable racism (or more properly, ethnicism) in the US. My family's churches (among plenty of others) teach that Israel must be defended at all costs, because they interpret particular passages of scripture to declare that Christ's Second Coming cannot happen unless Israel is a physical state. Then there's the embarrassment over The Holocaust, and the US's cowardly selfishness toward
Jewish Refugees on the USS St. Louis 1939
desperate Jewish refugees. I get it that people want a way to feel like they're making up for being too busy treating our Asian citizens like crap to be distracted by a bunch of other people and shipping them back to their deaths.

I get it, but I still have to call clusterfuck on it. For one thing, the idea of the US, whose Constitution speaks of no establishment of religion, basing foreign policy on a small extremist portion of a religious sect's dogma should make any sane person scream. For another, the ongoing history of conflict in the region is far from simple or one-sided, and screwing people who weren't even alive when something bad happened in the past is one of those Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right things. There's plenty of blame, counter-blame, and Double Dog Dare blame to go around. That said, all the persecution in the world might make calls for genocide understandable, but it does not make them acceptable. Yep, Hamas are insane bastards; Israel's government and some of it's extremists seem to be bent on outdoing them and the pathetic lingering progeny of the WWII Nazi movement. Even if Palestine was capable of throwing Hamas out, if I were them I couldn't honestly say I would trust Israel to make note of it if they did.

I'll repeat the opinion that went with the picture the first time: to any hell you like with extremism across the board. To hell with Israel's extremists in government or otherwise, to hell with Hamas, to hell with anybody who looks at this picture and other civilians who are dead, maimed, or homeless, and cheers and applauds with satisfaction. While I'm at it, to hell with the sorry cheap bitches that think they're justified in taking their issues with Israel's behavior out on Jewish people outside of Israel. Some of whom are sick at the whole mess and just want a path to peace. This is not justice or even a decent gesture of solidarity; it's merely more of the same blind douchbaggery.

I'm not on your sides. I'm on the side of the average Joe who wishes the Crazy on any side would get off his doorstep and go away. I'm on the side of kids who are too little to understand that anyone hates them just for being alive, and who wind up not being because of it. I'm on the side of anyone who would rather have a live neighbor he disagrees with than a dead one that can't disagree with him.

I'm on the side of these two: 

 . . . .and these two:

 . . . and these guys:

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