Friday, August 22, 2014

Antisocial Media, or The Butthurt Is Strong With This One

Hey Peoples, the reason you can't find me on Facecrack is because some lameoid twinklenuts reported me for using the craft business name, in an effort to protect the world from the sort of base, dishonest villains who deceive the good citizens of Social Mediadom by using a name people actually know them by.

Merely posting a legal name alongside Snooze Hamilton, the nickname everyone uses, along with pics of me, where I live, and events where I can be found in person, presents an obvious case of evil intent to hide my identity. It's highly likely that I'm a secret terrorist, or even an Amway salesperson. FB's communication states that to be in compliance with their terms of use, all account names must appear exactly as they are on the user's driver's license or similar, and that my account is banned unless I provide them with a government issued ID and a verifiable phone number. Yeah, right, cuz I want Facecrack clocking me everywhere I go. Sure thang.

Disclaimer: not a picture of me

I'm sorta inclined to think it has much more to do with petty spite than any real idea that I'm a threat to anyone's safety. At least not anyone who's actually within arm's reach, anyway, and they're gonna know who I am because proximity 'n shit. This for two reasons:

1. The sheer amount of staggeringly petulant, kneejerk, self-absorbed butthurtability that has become terribly fashionable. 

2. The fact that a few of the aforementioned Divas of Speshulness have told me they were going to have me banned/blocked/deleted/whatever over something that got their knickers in a knot. Including the phrase "knickers in a knot". 

Also not me
Not going to happen. Aside from the fact that it took me years to get certain nutjobs out of my life that I have no intention of reconnecting with, I dislike the current trend of employers telling people they have to be able to police their social media content for anything they might not like. Living in an At-Will employment state where employers can and do fire you for seriously unprofessional reasons (and the aforementioned aforementioning in Reason #1) means you either have a way to keep at least some of your personal life personal, or you assume all the character of a pile of stale, overcooked, unseasoned grits in all things.

Some (alleged) people will tsk or tut over that and dismiss it with a blithe "well, you should just learn to get along better and not do or say anything that offends people". Roight. We totted up a list awhile back, and figured out that pretty much every aspect of my life offends someone.

In the same 24 hours I've been called an inherent bigot just for living in the southern US and a nigger lover for saying that race is a social construct based on evolutionary adaptations to local environments.

In the same week someone has attempted to reprimand me for both fat-shaming and encouraging obesity because I said I needed to drop a clothing size and said I didn't care for the Paleo diet.

Much more photogenic than me

In the same month I have been instructed that I am both a Feminazi and a slave to Patriarchy because I don't wear makeup and do shave my legs.

In the same forum thread I was assessed as being a threat to decent society for being a Pagan, a sell out coward  to Christianity for saying the "Your god was nailed to a tree, my god has a hammer, any questions?" meme was trashy, and a mentally ill delusionary who should be locked up for my own good for believing in anything non-material at all.

I've been told I caused offense by eating babaghannouj (Middle Eastern = terrorist), wearing cargo shorts (not feminine enough = bad self esteem), reading about archaeology (not cool = trying to impress people Fail), having the wrong car (banged up, old, not a hybrid/too fuel efficient = poor priorities), riding a bike ( = loser that can't afford a car), watching Doctor Who (foreign and nerdy = anti-American and/or immature), eating meat (= barbaric/unhealthy), eating vegetables ( = hippie treehugger), having a pit bull/snakes/a tarantula/rats/any pets at all (various biases), and being in a relationship with a Brit with long hair, tattoos, and a speech impediment whose job involves getting messy (more various and so on).

Does anyone REALLY want to be the type of person who can keep (alleged) people like this happy? News flash; even if you say yes, it doesn't work. It's like paying off a blackmailer. All that craptastic garbage is from them being unhappy with themselves, and no matter what you change to try to please them, there's always something else for them to target. 

We're all Groot, yanno
Actually me, Primitive Bling mode
I'd rather be WYSIWYG and work on getting people to figure out that not really giving a gram of frack if someone isn't exactly like them and Quit Bein' An Asshole ® is more functional for everybody than Conform Or Die tactics.

Not going to do up another FB account for a bit. I have a suspicion that the reportee will just report me again, and I needed to get my PW store site and this blog cranked back up from school dormancy anyway. Peeps can tag me here via the contact link in the right sidebar or through Miles Batty's FB account. Stay tuned for cool junk and even more reasons to be offended!


  1. As for whoever reported you: flying frak, rolling donut, they can haz.

  2. Three cheers for honesty and straightforwardness! You sound like someone I would love to meet, only you live over there and I live over here. If you and your Brit ever visit UK, there are people here (not just me) who would enjoy your company.

    1. We're working on getting back over that side of the water in one capacity or another - I liked everybody I met before and I LOVE me some cool, rainy weather. This 90 degree crap we've got here can go away any time ;0)

  3. We already discussed what I think of this over the phone so I won't rehash it here. ;) I'm going to share this on my FB page so folks know. (((HUGS))) to you and Miles!

    1. Thanx muchly for the signal boost! It does make it trickier to keep in touch with some people, but I'm working on it.

  4. Thank Gods that Jess posted this so I can get your blog onto my saved bar thingie. I miss you a lot and particularly the baiting the stupid part. Damn right about not dumbing down your feed just because some spite monster decided to turn you in. sigh.
    love and hugs and many blessings from Caroline

    1. (waves) Pffftt, I'm not gonna bait the stupid; they're a pain to clean, they take forever to cook, and they're high in cholesterol ;0)

      I do, however, claim the right to creatively mock anyone who can't tell the difference between their wall and the newsfeed and has the nads to get royally cheesed off because they think I'm posting in their space 0.o

  5. Whoever reported you is an asshat. A colossal asshat.

    That being said, I'm glad to see you're posting somewhere. Have very much missed your posts, lady. And, really, if you aren't offending someone, you aren't doing it right. So keep up the good work--you are obviously doing it right!

    1. Domo, Onee-sama (bows)

      I'm honestly considering having my nickname legally added to my birth certificate name if I can cough up the fee. Facecrack can still ban me; they also state that they don;t have to provide a reason to bar people. But that is the anme the majority of people know me by, and it would be the appropriately smartass thing to do. Kickstarter or raffle with cool crafty stuff for prizes?

    2. GoFundMe is also a great site for fundraising. If you get that started, hit me up. I'm happy to donate my books to the cause as prizes! Because seriously, nothing would make me happier than my novels aiding the "sticking to it" of an asshat.

    3. D-o-n-'-t and n-a-m-e, even. Wasn't there an "edit comment" thinger on here a while back?

      Will do, and thanx again ;0)

      The thing about that whole deal that really sucks is for people whose only really safe outlet to connect with people is with something other than their legal name. Buncha PHAs, GLBTs, and people stuck in messy situations like that who can't afford for particular people to have any wheres, whens, and whats about them. There's noting quite as much fun as having to move for the third time because a crazy ex keeps finding you or finding out just how homophobic your boss or neighbor really is via pink slip or vandalism.

      If I score an overload on any fundraiser, the rest can go to a group that helps people get out of that sort of thing.

    4. I still managed to decipher what you were saying LOL. In the meantime, there's Google+. Google has removed the requirement that you use your real name. So there is that.

      And I absolutely agree with you--FB thinks requiring real names will lead to abuse. The abuse happens anyway, because people are more than capable of coming up with fake names that are considered "real." In other words, FB is stupid.

    5. Thanx muchly for the heads-up about Google+. May pop on there after I work on my store website like a good girl ;0)

      Nail, meet hammer about Facecrack abuse. A buddy of mine has deleted and opened quite a few FB pages because her crazy ex keeps creating armies of socks to troll any page he finds her on as fast as she blocks them. But posting comments about dismembering her dog or setting fire to her house etc. isn't abuse, dontchano.

  6. Will miss your input and quips on the face crack page. don't understand the selective discrimination of rule breakers on fb either.
    Let your soul continue to blind the ignorant!

    1. Thanx muchly Chick! We gotta get back up that way and see peeps!