Saturday, July 20, 2013

Trayvon Martin, or Whole Lotta Fail

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Well done, Fern.

This pretty much makes one of my two points (cue Spanish Inquisition sketch), and does it a lot more politely than I would.

Having been told by our local police after our nutjob neighbor's dogs came after Bridget and me and he took a swing at me (the second time) that I am not to walk on the upper half of my street because I am being provocational if I do, or that I "should stay in the house more" because if I'm outside in the yard and he gets aggro with me, it's my own fault, my only response to the majority of the vehemently pro-Zimmerman arguments I'm hearing is "fer realz??!!"

By the way, kids, when you say "That lil' nigger asked for it by walking where he shutna been and being defiant and disrespectful", you don't get to play the "but I'm not racist!" card. Especially when you assert that Zimmerman was not being disrespectful to 911 when he ignored them, or to Martin when he challenged him for walking on a public street, with no better rationale than "he's a concerned citizen". Imma need to get some Febreeze to cover the smell if I hear that one much more.

I wanna know why Martin's defense of himself was not also considered "Stand Your Ground". Is the Prez right; if he'd also been armed, would the jury have declared it a tied game?
The abovementioned crap was handed down to a 40-something dumpy white chick, not a melanin-abundant teenage male. Because I hit and kicked his dogs to keep them off me, and told him to bring it the hell on when he came running up screaming that he was going to "fuck my bitch ass up" for punching his dog. Defending my dog was out of line, and so was raising my voice to their owner, who was justifiably upset with me. If he didn't press charges the police might.

I've done Fern's blog post, although fortunately with a much less tragic ending. I had a similar thing back when I lived at the coast; a drunk guy came in the Office Depot I worked at and got angry because I walked past him and "looked at him funny". He poked me in the shoulder several times and told me "you don't give me a look, you treat me with respect", and grabbed my hair when I tried to walk away from him. I was told by management that I caused the problem by walking away, and therefore disrespected his rights as a customer.

These two sitches are pifflesnot compared to Martin's by a long ways, but I can see his side much, much better than Zimmerman's. If my neighbor comes after me again, I may be screwed if I run, or I may be screwed if I defend myself. Given the number of girlfriends he's had DV incidents with, I figure I'm definitely screwed if I just let him do whatever he wants unchallenged, and I'm not up for that anyway. I have had an officer tell me that the police can't really tell me not to walk on a public sidewalk on the street I live on without a restraining order, but he still suggested I avoid that end of the street as much as possible".

Laws are only as good as the individual or entity enforcing or interpreting them.

NC also has a Stand Your Ground law. Wonder if our courts are as pick-and-choose about who gets to use it as this one in Florida, and others? At least we're arguing about it, but given the level of neo-Con garbage our legislature has been getting up to in the last year, I'm not going to hold my breath. Stand Your Ground as it stands now is too susceptible to human stupidity, bias, and entitlement issues.

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