Monday, July 15, 2013

Okay Peeps, we need helps 'n stuff. Here's the 411:

We lost Tig (cat) this past Saturday around 1 am after a two week bout with confirmed coccidia and a possible other problem(s) we were not able to nail down, in a previously very healthy cat.

Later Saturday morning, Muggs went to the vet after he refused breakfast and we saw that his gums were white; vet's suspicions are a bleeding spleen (possibly from a tumor) or exposure to a toxin like rat poison. Either is a possible variable as Muggs has tumors present (biopsy was benign but a mass can still be a problem) and we have had a neighbor threaten us and the dogs specifically.

The vet is checking right now on the logistics of a more specialized blood test than the PCV test already done and an ultrasound.

There are a lot of people on here who've met Muggs. You guys know what kind of personality above and beyond "dog" he is. What we want to ask people for is


Not necessarily healing energy; throwing a bunch of juice at him right now will not always help and may actually harm. If you're an experienced "target" energy wrangler with some veterinary or related knowledge and want to do something along those lines, please call or IM me or Miles and do a little coordinating before you let it roll.

"Good luck" is a chaos variable that allows for Best Case Scenario with us dealing with hidden details. It also includes preventing any further problems if that is a possibility.

I had surgery last week, and between that, Winnie's last bad spell, nursing Tig, and still working on fixing the damage from the tree falling on the house, we're both getting to the point of tapped. So we appreciate anyone who wants to jump on board. But please do take into consideration the parameter we're asking for here. Contact one of us by IM if you have any other helpful input*.

Thank you in advance.

***Update 7/16:

Last night around 11-12 pm, Muggs was able to get his two right feet under him with support to stand up and pee. At 5 am this morning, he was able to stand with weight on all four feet with support, and kept his feet moving long enough to travel across part of the yard, up Winnie's ramp, and into the house with help.

We ain't done yet, but you guys are all So Frackking Rock, period. (salutes)
*****Update 7/20: 

He's still wobby and having some trouble walking or standing for long, but he's still here.

K levels test came back okay, so toxin exposure is not a variable. Which is probably good for me not having to tear the place apart looking for something we missed or needing to start being paranoid about my neighbors, but it would actually have been a problem that was easier to overcome at this point.

So Muggs has an ultrasound Tuesday. It would be awesome to find out this is still something we can fix with the options we have. Will still take all the good luck people want to send or ask whoever they look to for, with gratitude. You guys kick ass for this ;0)

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