Friday, April 5, 2013

Putting On Your Face

Classes have been eating my head and my time; the blog doesn't need dusting, it needs a run through a car wash with the windows down. Prolly twice. Will try to rescue any spiders first ;0)

Here I am, waiting on two phone calls and an email and a frackking math homework module to load, and I run across something I want to plug because it needs to be plugged, and right this minute I can. I only have a list of articles half a page long in the "get to these when the semester is over" pile, but this one won't take much because someone else already did all the work.

Seba O'Kiley of Southern Fried Witch added to the back and forth over Steubenville and America's problems with sexual abuse's ridiculous position in our culture (and India and all over the world) with a blog post that is beyond excellent. A large part of the clusterfrack of it all is that people can keep their neat, tidy distance from  rape and sexual assault, and pretend that it's only a matter of faceless Bad Guy criminals who aren't really people and faceless Bad Girl sluts who deserve it, and of course, truly nice people wouldn't know any of those, would they?

Seba, like a small few other people I'll look up and add later, opted to out-balls the Clinical Commenters and Statistic Shooters and put her own face up for people to see. She's being a face for all the guys and girls who can't stand up behind their own. Yet.

“In a Bang, with the Gang”: A Victim’s Letter

Well done, Sempai-sama (bows)

Thank you for not candy-coating. Thank you for not wrapping ugly in a nice white fog to avoid offending "delicate sensibilities" or the triflingly nauseating gits who'll watch rape with morbid fascination or even glee if it's by a hawt guy on screen but whine and flap if people talk about it in real life. Thank you for not letting people hide behind a convenient caricature. If every person that has been treated as if they were a mere vehicle for someone else's patheticness (it's about sex, MY ASS) could have this voice, and every poor specimen of the "we don't say things like that" species could have their nose rubbed in what they don't want to look at, a hundred thousand Steubenvilles or Delhis or Your Town Heres might not happen. And the ones that have or do would have victims with a working bullshit meter to hang on to.

Your Beer & Cookies are onna way.