Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Glass of White for Mr. Minchin, Please"

On the first 2011 installment of People Who Don't Suck, we bring you an awesome song by Tim Minchin. This is a bit after the fact, but I didn't get time to put it up before. It's such an awesome song though, that doesn't really matter much. Also, I kinda preferred to not start off 2011 with a rant post. So, since I'm going to go all bitchcakes on the next one, I figured why not give Tim the first place slot.

Minchin is not only excessively talented and a talisman against the dumbing down of popular media, he's a nice guy. Back when his first DVD came out, it wasn't available outside Australia at the get-go. I found it as a converted .avi BT file. So I emailed him and asked "K Dude, I pirated your show cuz I can't get it here; should I just send the equivalent cash purchase amount to your producers with a sign that says 'America Needs Tim' or what?" He tagged me back and said "Not at all; just enjoy it, and when I make my big US debut, just come and bring your Gran and buy her one of my coffee mugs!"

That was a few years ago; this year he's got gigs in LA and is playing The Bamboozle Festival in East Rutherford, New Jersey in April. Who's up for some Road Tripping? I have a charge to keep, and I need one of you to try on this gray wig . . .