Monday, January 10, 2011

Gabby Gifford, or Yelling "Fire!" In A Crowded Theater

(yeah, I know it's misspelled, but it was too appropriate to pass up)

When Jared Loughner's murder spree made news, I made the following comment:

"Great. Just frackkin' great. Palin, Angle, Kelly and the rest of you loudmouthed, cheap bitches, you can take your crosshair maps, your "Second Amendment solutions", and your M-16 parties and cram them so far up your asses you choke."


I'm standing by that. That also goes for the verminous, spewing, festering snots that have responded to this horrendous occurrence with smug affectations of apathy, approval, or smirks about politicians and "their sheep" getting what they deserve.

Loughner is to blame for his own insanity. We don't know all the parameters of that yet, although we may wind up with some lame Satanic Panic spin crap before the dust settles, because that kind of thing is always an easy dumping ground for things people want to distance themselves from as well as a great launching pad for a show of righteous superiority.

That said, this also needs to be a wake-up call for the (alleged) people on any and all sides of the fence that have been cranking up the heat on the political-social stew that's been bubbling for a good while now. Apologies for referring back to earlier posts, but it's quicker and shorter than dragging it all out here.

Phrases that amount to "it's freedom of speech" and "words don't kill people" are getting tossed around a lot. Anna Meadows Helvie put it well:

"Free speech is a right. Self-censorship is a duty. The right of free speech imposes the moral obligation of being cautious and prudent with one's speech; of not saying everything just because we can, because we have to right to do."

In a discussion/argument about the whole sitch, a couple of people insisted that there was absolutely no provable connection between various characters' "calls for action", served with a generous helping of Real Patriot sauce, and Loughner's craziness or any of the other shoddy behavior that's been aimed at Giffords and other public officials well before now. I said that Henry II didn't actually julienne Thomas Beckett with his own hands either, but they should ask Mr. Archbishop what he thought of him.

I'm not sure which one was more :facepalm: ; the one who said that dredging up history was a straw man, and I needed to live in the present day, or the one who said it wasn't fair to try to make this about religion.(marsupial goes WTF?)

Thought about wondering if any Moms For Sarah Palin have looked at their little target map, and looked at their own kids and seen Christina Green's face, but then decided I probably don't want to know the answer to that.

By all the gods and spirits who listen,

To Gabrielle Giffords and anyone else dealing with injuries, I wish you the fastest and best recovery that the most positive optimist could hope for, and may you find gain from your ordeal. Success is the best revenge.

(wish goes out)

To those who were murdered, I wish you a peaceful rest or a stunningly excellent next life, as your beliefs go.

(wish goes out)

To the families and friends of the people who died, I wish you whatever you need to keep you afloat that brings no more harm.

(wish goes out)

To the nation at large, I wish the rise of a pronounced loathing for petty, self-absorbed meanness.

(wish goes out)

May it be so.