Friday, January 28, 2011

Dogs Have Owners, Cats Have Staff

Meet the office supervisor, Nimbus. Or Marshmeller. Or Annoying Little Bastard if it's 4 am and he's trying to arrange my head into a more suitable bed.

He's only doing this because Muggs is in his papasan chair and won't move, and the black cushy chair has a stack of books in it.

 He's pretty much a real life Simon's Cat - if you live with cats and haven't seen any of those toons on Youtube, your life is incomplete. Go watch a few (or a lot); it's a perfectly valid reason for not doing whatever it was you didn't want to do today!

I've posted this one elsewhere, but it's still my fave, and it's all Nimbus, except for the sporting goods . . .


  1. ROFL from his first yawn. . .!

  2. I agree totally...especially considering my wake-up call today was Kalypso's full-on attack on my foot under the covers - full teeth and claws!

  3. nimbus would fit in well here. i always have to move a dog or cat to sit anywhere in my house.

  4. LOL - at least the Marshmeller's wake ups stop at that face-pat thing! I don't think they think of it as "someone else was sitting here", it's more like "ah, this one is pre-warmed for me".


    And I love Nimbus aka Marshmeller.

  6. ROTFLMAO OMG YES. I have the same issue here too! LOL