Friday, January 28, 2011

Dogs Have Owners, Cats Have Staff

Meet the office supervisor, Nimbus. Or Marshmeller. Or Annoying Little Bastard if it's 4 am and he's trying to arrange my head into a more suitable bed.

He's only doing this because Muggs is in his papasan chair and won't move, and the black cushy chair has a stack of books in it.

 He's pretty much a real life Simon's Cat - if you live with cats and haven't seen any of those toons on Youtube, your life is incomplete. Go watch a few (or a lot); it's a perfectly valid reason for not doing whatever it was you didn't want to do today!

I've posted this one elsewhere, but it's still my fave, and it's all Nimbus, except for the sporting goods . . .

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Idris Elba Getting Hammered

First off, am not card-carrying Heathen or Asatru, which am told by very PO'ed people means I have no opinion and should STFU before someone loads me into a large, conveniently handy piece of random siege equipment. Heh - like I wouldn't just steal the thing while they're busy indulging in Villain Plot Exposition Cliche 1.0.

That said, I offer a thought anyway that some of same PO'ed people have not included in various ranty-type things about Idris Elba being cast as Heimdall in the upcoming Marvel Comics movie Thor:

It's a MARVEL COMICS movie. Based on the Marvel universe. Where the Norse gods (or any other characters influenced by classic literature) have never adhered to what historical accuracy is possible in the real world, to the point of having been revealed as an alien race, and not gods at all.

Stan Lee was a guest at HeroesCon back in the 80's when all the Satanic Panic crap was in full swing. A question got asked about whether Marvel was "encouraging devil worship" by having characters like Dr. Strange, etc. Stan's answer (paraphrased by 20+ years of time lapse) was no, because the Marvel universe is a fantasy universe, and the books are about telling stories, not about religion.

He said that when he started out, he looked at DC comics' "Metropolis" and "Gotham City", and one thing he wanted for Marvel was to be more like the world outside his readers' doors. Nobody lived in Metropolis, but anyone who lived in New York could look out the window and imagine seeing Spiderman swinging by.

Does that mean they drew NYC accurately in the background? No, but they didn't need to because it's still a fictional New York. As far as Marvel is concerned, all it's characters are fictional beings, and I think that's actually not only smart but practical. If they tried to claim all the figures from myth, folklore, legend, and classic literature they borrow were 100% authentic, then they'd have the arguments between this or that interpretation by various faith communities. By not representing anyone accurately, they aren't trying to be a source of education, religious or totherwise. They're trying to tell stories.

Many of the people I see getting cheesed off about this are my age; I grew up with Marvel comics. If all the other inaccuracies over the decades haven't been enough to make them raise this much dust, this one shouldn't either. I said as much to one, and the response was "I've never read the books and didn't know about them till now". If the reasoning goes both ways, I may not have a right to an opinion about Heathen gods, but I have more rights than that goober to have an opinion on comics. So sayeth my mint condition, bought on the original release date, X-Men issue #137.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Got MLK? Update with Megan McGlover

Okay, this chick is now right behind Christina as my favorite Youtube ranter:

The Weather Channel and NC DMV so need to give this woman a spokesperson position!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Intense Debate Has Been Bitten By A Moose & Sacked


I don't have a clue why Intense Debate has started dumping comments and making people register and log in, but after having resorted to some truly choice bribes and some serious GBH, it remains sulky and rude. I liked it because it nested comments, but it's not worth it.

(drop kick)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled comments. Burma.


For those who objected to the language in the first Lol, we present Pissed Wet Owl Fail 1.02. Now quit making doofy hooty noises over the phone:

Hitting Critical  Epic Fail In 3,2,1 . . .

Got MLK?

"True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

What's with the bitching about schools using the holiday as a snow makeup day? It has to happen sometime, and they'd whine even more (and it would be much less practical)  if it was on a Saturday. Our public schools are behind the rest of the world enough as it is. If you really want to honor Dr. King, making him a vehicle for helping keep education on track seems to be on the mark to me.

This is another day that gets clusterfrackked up here in some parts of the south. If someone isn't peeved because it's not being observed the way they want, some other dweeb is getting his nads in a knot because anyone is observing it at all. If I spoke to some of my relatives today, at least a couple of them wouldn't be able to have a conversation without getting a plug in for their disgust at, as one of them so trashily puts it, "Big Nigger Day". I don't go to family reunions for a reason. But these (alleged) people, who would like to see groups who've been denied the same rights and privileges given to others put back in our boxes, are the best illustration of why I think showing up at school when you weren't supposed to have to is a damn good way to honor King.

Racism, sexism, and other various bigoted isms aren't dead on any side. We all still have a load of growing up to do. The ball's just gotten rolling on fairness for GLBT peeps. Some of the jerks running loose who think black people, Native Americans, and/or women shouldn't be allowed to go to school, handle their own legal affairs, or vote aren't the Old Guard; they're an up and coming Bigot Brigade. As long as they have money and can stir up resentment and factionalism, it's not impossible for progress against that kind of thinking to be overturned. We need symbols that invoke the preservation and furthering of that progress.

MLK Day isn't just remembering a guy who had the cojones to stand up for people; it's reminding ourselves to not take what we've gained for granted.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Gabby Gifford, or Yelling "Fire!" In A Crowded Theater

(yeah, I know it's misspelled, but it was too appropriate to pass up)

When Jared Loughner's murder spree made news, I made the following comment:

"Great. Just frackkin' great. Palin, Angle, Kelly and the rest of you loudmouthed, cheap bitches, you can take your crosshair maps, your "Second Amendment solutions", and your M-16 parties and cram them so far up your asses you choke."


I'm standing by that. That also goes for the verminous, spewing, festering snots that have responded to this horrendous occurrence with smug affectations of apathy, approval, or smirks about politicians and "their sheep" getting what they deserve.

Loughner is to blame for his own insanity. We don't know all the parameters of that yet, although we may wind up with some lame Satanic Panic spin crap before the dust settles, because that kind of thing is always an easy dumping ground for things people want to distance themselves from as well as a great launching pad for a show of righteous superiority.

That said, this also needs to be a wake-up call for the (alleged) people on any and all sides of the fence that have been cranking up the heat on the political-social stew that's been bubbling for a good while now. Apologies for referring back to earlier posts, but it's quicker and shorter than dragging it all out here.

Phrases that amount to "it's freedom of speech" and "words don't kill people" are getting tossed around a lot. Anna Meadows Helvie put it well:

"Free speech is a right. Self-censorship is a duty. The right of free speech imposes the moral obligation of being cautious and prudent with one's speech; of not saying everything just because we can, because we have to right to do."

In a discussion/argument about the whole sitch, a couple of people insisted that there was absolutely no provable connection between various characters' "calls for action", served with a generous helping of Real Patriot sauce, and Loughner's craziness or any of the other shoddy behavior that's been aimed at Giffords and other public officials well before now. I said that Henry II didn't actually julienne Thomas Beckett with his own hands either, but they should ask Mr. Archbishop what he thought of him.

I'm not sure which one was more :facepalm: ; the one who said that dredging up history was a straw man, and I needed to live in the present day, or the one who said it wasn't fair to try to make this about religion.(marsupial goes WTF?)

Thought about wondering if any Moms For Sarah Palin have looked at their little target map, and looked at their own kids and seen Christina Green's face, but then decided I probably don't want to know the answer to that.

By all the gods and spirits who listen,

To Gabrielle Giffords and anyone else dealing with injuries, I wish you the fastest and best recovery that the most positive optimist could hope for, and may you find gain from your ordeal. Success is the best revenge.

(wish goes out)

To those who were murdered, I wish you a peaceful rest or a stunningly excellent next life, as your beliefs go.

(wish goes out)

To the families and friends of the people who died, I wish you whatever you need to keep you afloat that brings no more harm.

(wish goes out)

To the nation at large, I wish the rise of a pronounced loathing for petty, self-absorbed meanness.

(wish goes out)

May it be so.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Glass of White for Mr. Minchin, Please"

On the first 2011 installment of People Who Don't Suck, we bring you an awesome song by Tim Minchin. This is a bit after the fact, but I didn't get time to put it up before. It's such an awesome song though, that doesn't really matter much. Also, I kinda preferred to not start off 2011 with a rant post. So, since I'm going to go all bitchcakes on the next one, I figured why not give Tim the first place slot.

Minchin is not only excessively talented and a talisman against the dumbing down of popular media, he's a nice guy. Back when his first DVD came out, it wasn't available outside Australia at the get-go. I found it as a converted .avi BT file. So I emailed him and asked "K Dude, I pirated your show cuz I can't get it here; should I just send the equivalent cash purchase amount to your producers with a sign that says 'America Needs Tim' or what?" He tagged me back and said "Not at all; just enjoy it, and when I make my big US debut, just come and bring your Gran and buy her one of my coffee mugs!"

That was a few years ago; this year he's got gigs in LA and is playing The Bamboozle Festival in East Rutherford, New Jersey in April. Who's up for some Road Tripping? I have a charge to keep, and I need one of you to try on this gray wig . . .