Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Clean Out The Sandbox - Vote


Screw the politicians, screw pop media, and screw the jackasses that scream warped extremist propaganda in hopes of drowning out everyone else. They want people to believe that the bulk of the nation are either polarized fat cat extremist partisan players or brainwashed sheep who can't bang two gray cells together.

While there are plenty of those, I'm seeing and hearing plenty of people whose political slogan is "I'm Tired Of All Of You", and they're talking to Reps, Dems, Tea Partiers, and anyone else who is dividing, marginalizing, defaming, scapegoating, or whining in order to promote a status quo that only works for a small segment of the population. And it IS small. So small that it has to go Uber Napoleon Complex and bully people into thinking it's bigger than they are.

They are not the be all and end all of We The People. Those of us who are willing to act like adults with brains instead of selfish spoiled brats are. You may not like or agree with everyone, but letting everything go to garbage because you can't kick the rest of us off the planet and have it all your way is shitting in your own sandbox.

If the politicians suck, we put them there. If they don't represent us, challenge the rhetoric that claims they do. Speak up. They are our problem to clean up. Get off your ass and vote. Vote for the lesser of two evils if you have to, but vote.