Friday, October 1, 2010

The US Air Fundamentalist Academy

Snitched from Gus diZerega for additional opinionatedness, and in case you guys haven't been there yet.

Talk To Action's Chris Rodda covers a letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates from MRFF - the Military Religious Freedom Foundation regarding the Academy's refusal to make the results of the most recent Climate Survey public, as is usual. It also addresses complaints from several cadets, parents, and others who have seen things get worse instead of better. It's important to note that many of the complaints, and some of the co-signers, are Christian - but not, as one of the cadets notes, "the right kind of Christian".

Except from the letter:

Last year, due to our then confidence in Lt. Gen. Gould, MRFF was advising the cadets and USAF Academy staff who came to us to trust the system, and not to be afraid to take their complaints and concerns to the appropriate staff at the Air Force Academy. The cadets et al were skeptical, but MRFF assured them that things were changing for the better. Apparently, in light of recent events, the cadets as well as members of the USAF Academy staff were right to remain skeptically leery of the system.

Sorry guys, but from where I stand, people who think the system works have never had an unpopular complaint or opinion. Retaliation is alive and well, and it takes on a whole new level of fugly when you're in a culture where you've sworn to obey authority and given up some of your personal freedom in pursuit of the pinnacle of team performance. "Some" personal freedom does not mean "all", but you can't tell a religious supremacist that. "Rank is might and might makes right" gets even nastier when applied to a mentality that believes it's religious goals have the precedence of God-ordained righteousness over everything else, including civil law. I don't think there's going to be any improvement unless people take into consideration that people who maintain that attitude are part of the system that's supposed to prevent that kind of thing, and are in fact remaking the system to support and enforce it.

Why aren't more people in an uproar? Ignorance and apathy. The general media will report on that Lohan bimbo if she blows her nose (with or without anything up it), but they're not reporting on this. It doesn't appeal to the right kind of lowest common denominator.